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Contemplation RSS Feeds

Here are 40 Best Contemplation RSS Feeds you should follow in 2024

1. Marist JPIC Blog » Living Contemplatively RSS Feed

Marist JPIC Blog » Living Contemplatively   Follow RSS
Marist JPIC Blog gives Justice, Peace, and Integrity to Creation ministries throughout the Marist world. The Blog entries categorized under Living Contemplatively will give you articles on Social Justice peace, a mission to the poor, some inter-religious articles about god, and much more to give you information.
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2. Christians Practicing Yoga » Meditation & Contemplation RSS Feed

Christians Practicing Yoga » Meditation & Contemplation   Follow RSS
We are a non-profit organization that values and honors the intersections of yoga philosophy and Christian theology - and the practices of both - in order to create inclusive spaces for Christ-centered people to learn with and from each other. Our Meditation & Contemplation articles are about the intersection of yoga and Christianity, and how the practices compare, contrast, and complement each other.
Facebook Followers 2.9KInstagram Followers 738 Frequency 1 post / month

3. Ed Cyzewski RSS Feed

Ed Cyzewski   Follow RSS
I'm an author, seminary grad, and freelance editor/writer who blogs about contemplative prayer and restoring your soul. In my blog, I provide book proposal evaluations and book editing for publishers and individuals.
Facebook Followers 1.5KTwitter Followers 6KInstagram Followers 1.1K Frequency 1 post / month

4. Contemplative Monk Blog RSS Feed

Contemplative Monk Blog   Follow RSS
Contemplative Monk exists for you! Our community is filled with a hunger to live with authenticity, meaning, and depth. We love exploring the riches found in all wisdom traditions. Though most of us are Christian in origin, we find ourselves blessed by the Sufis, the Jewish Kabbalah tradition, Buddhists, Celtic and indigenous roots, and many more.
Facebook Followers 811.5KInstagram Followers 1.6K Frequency 6 posts / quarter

5. The Contemplative Society Blog RSS Feed

The Contemplative Society Blog   Follow RSS
The Contemplative Society is an inclusive non-profit association that encourages a deepening of contemplative prayer based on the Christian Wisdom tradition while also welcoming and being supportive of other meditation traditions. We offer a consistent and balanced path for spiritual growth and transformation rooted in prayer, silence, mindful work, and in the 1500-year-old wisdom of our Benedictine contemplative heritage.
Frequency 1 post / week

6. Harvesting The Fruits of Contemplation RSS Feed

Harvesting The Fruits of Contemplation harvestingthefruitsofcontemp..   Follow RSS
At Harvesting The Fruits of Contemplation we believe that we gain power not by controlling others but by yielding ourselves to God in a love that respects others.
Frequency 4 posts / month

7. Minnesota Contemplative Outreach Blog RSS Feed

Minnesota Contemplative Outreach Blog   Follow RSS
Minnesota Contemplative Outreach is one of more than 120 chapters in 53 countries formed by National Contemplative Outreach, Ltd., a worldwide spiritual network that provides support and resources for Centering Prayer Practitioners. We are an ecumenical group of women and men volunteers ministering together to support and nurture the practitioners of Centering Prayer in Minnesota. We do this by providing teachers, sharing resources, and building community.
Frequency 2 posts / quarter

8. The Contemplative Homemaker Blog RSS Feed

The Contemplative Homemaker Blog   Follow RSS
Welcome to The Contemplative Homemaker, a blog dedicated to crafting an authentic spiritual life of contemplation in action. Here you'll find tips on homemaking, liturgical living, reflections on scripture, and all things Catholic.
Frequency 1 post / year

9. Center for Action and Contemplation RSS Feed

Center for Action and Contemplation   Follow RSS
The Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC) educates seekers on the transformative path of contemplative Christianity. Through prayer and compassionate action, it fosters personal growth and contributes to a more just and connected world.
Facebook Followers 187KTwitter Followers 32.9KInstagram Followers 51.4K Frequency 1 post / day

10. The Contemplative Life Blog RSS Feed

The Contemplative Life Blog   Follow RSS
The Contemplative Life is a website and blog devoted to exploring modern contemplative spirituality in all of its diverse forms. You can read beautiful poems and articles written by the author that will give you peace of mind.
Frequency 1 post / quarter

11. Contemplative Light Blog RSS Feed

Contemplative Light Blog   Follow RSS
We are a collective of spiritual teachers and writers hoping to educate, heal, and guide spiritual pilgrims in their quest to grow closer to God. Contemplative Light provides education and resources in a global effort towards inner transformation through contemplative prayer and meditation.
Facebook Followers 11KTwitter Followers 2.3K Frequency 1 post / month

12. The Center for Contemplative Practice RSS Feed

The Center for Contemplative Practice thecenterforcontemplativepra..   Follow RSS
Enjoy reading resources and other updates from the center. The Center for Contemplative Practice is an informal group of people dedicated to giving others the practices and tools needed to grow deeper in their spirituality through contemplation, most especially, silence, solitude, work, prayer, and community.
Facebook Followers 120 Frequency 1 post / day

13. Journal of Contemplative Studies Blog RSS Feed

Journal of Contemplative Studies Blog   Follow RSS
JCS is focused on publishing rigorous academic work on contemplation that is deeply grounded in the humanities in the most capacious sense. The mission of the JCS is to provide an academic forum for specialists to publish rigorous, innovative, humanities-based scholarship in Contemplative Studies and to promote interconnections across disciplines, perspectives, and traditions. The JCS Blog is an online community forum for news and discussion about the journal and topics related to Contemplative Studies.
Twitter Followers 90 Frequency 1 post / day

14. Patheos » Contemplative Voices RSS Feed

Patheos » Contemplative Voices   Follow RSS
Patheos is the leading web platform hosting a dialogue on all of the world's religions. Our articles and Library have a visually stunning compendium of information about all the religions of the world compiled by some of the world's top religious leaders and scholars. The Patheos Contemplative is a forum for the whole contemplative community. We're monks and meditators, lovers of liturgy and pure mystics, students of ancient texts, and studies of the latest brain science. We share best practices, learn from each other's experiences, discuss big questions, and most of all, support each other.
Facebook Followers 95K Frequency 5 posts / month

15. Mike Morrell » Contemplative RSS Feed

Mike Morrell » Contemplative   Follow RSS
I blog what I live: finding myself in a place of spiritual simplexity - sinking roots deep into the compost of the seeming decay of our cherished ideas and institutions, drawing from an array of theologies, spiritualities, and praxes intersecting in the noosphere today, and watching where the unexpected shoots of new life spring forth. In the Contemplative section, you will find detailed articles written by me that will increase your knowledge about god and will make you feel closer to him.
Frequency 6 posts / year

16. Christian Contemplation Blog RSS Feed

Christian Contemplation Blog   Follow RSS
This website provides Bible Study and Prayer Resources, and we teach Christian Contemplation for one's growth in a relationship with Jesus. Contemplating on Jesus can lead to greater Love and this is our objective. We also provide information on many Sacred Traditions of the Christian Church and support for the contemplative spiritual journey.
Instagram Followers 17 Frequency 1 post / month

17. Center for Spiritual Living Tucson Blog » Contemplation RSS Feed

Center for Spiritual Living Tucson Blog » Contemplation   Follow RSS
The Center for Spiritual Living Tucson inspires spiritual expression in community with all and offers an accepting, loving, and peaceful way of living a joyful, healthier, and more abundant life. The Contemplation section is a Spiritual Alternative offering spiritual solutions to everyday challenges.
Facebook Followers 935 Frequency 1 post / week

18. Contemplify RSS Feed

Contemplify   Follow RSS
Contemplify kindles the examined life for contemplatives in the world. Thumb through the conversations, show notes and drink pairings below. For a certain type of contemplative, a trove of inspiration awaits.
Frequency 1 post / month

19. Contemplative at Home RSS Feed

Contemplative at Home   Follow RSS
I'm Lissy, and Contemplative at Home is my passion project, work that fills me with gratitude and joy. My desire in all things is to facilitate a deepening interior sense of wholeness, freedom, and abundance of life. May you experience some of this as you encounter the Lord's gracious love through these blogs.
Frequency 2 posts / week

20. Thoughts on a Contemplative Reformation Blog RSS Feed

Thoughts on a Contemplative Reformation Blog contemplativereformation.blo..   Follow RSS
Thoughts on a Contemplative Reformation is for the Intersection of Contemplative Practice and Congregational Ministry. Read articles and poems that will help to connect to god and gives you knowledge about him in a very beautiful manner.
Frequency 4 posts / month

21. Unadulterated Love Blog RSS Feed

Unadulterated Love Blog   Follow RSS
Unadulterated Love doesn't have a program and is not an organization. I offer my dreams and thoughts as a resource in the hope that the energy and conviction that enthuses me will be channeled by others to create change in individual lives and corporate Church life, and that we, who engage with this site, will evolve in the energy of unconditional love.
Frequency 2 posts / week

22. Contemplative Inquiry Blog RSS Feed

Contemplative Inquiry Blog   Follow RSS
I am James Nichol and I live in the city of Gloucester, England, having just moved there from Stroud in the same county. My contemplative inquiry began in 2012, grounded in modern Druidry. In this blog, I include personal sharing, photographs, discursive writing, poetry, and book reviews.
Frequency 3 posts / month Since Sep 2012

23. Anamchara Blog RSS Feed

Anamchara Blog   Follow RSS
In 1996 I named my website Anamchara, which is a Gaelic word meaning 'Soul Friend.' We encounter God - the Ultimate Mystery - by weaving together silence, love, sacred stories, the capacity to wonder, celebrate, contemplate, pray, and the care of companions along the way.
Facebook Followers 5.6KTwitter Followers 4.7KInstagram Followers 1.5K Frequency 3 posts / month

24. Institute for Communal Contemplation and Dialogue Blog RSS Feed

Institute for Communal Contemplation and Dialogue Blog   Follow RSS
The Institute for Communal Contemplation and Dialogue is a 501c3 organization founded in 2002 and organized to educate, resource, and organize people of faith to reflect, analyze and act on the critical issues of church and society through a process of contemplation and dialogue. The Institute contributes to, fosters, and facilitates the larger movement for the transformation of consciousness so as to create new responses to the crises of our time and cultivate a healthy Earth community.
Frequency 1 post / month

25. The Contemplative Life Blog RSS Feed

The Contemplative Life Blog   Follow RSS
Welcome to The Contemplative Life. Contemplative Life is a website and blog devoted to exploring modern contemplative spirituality in all of its diverse forms. The world's mystics, across time and from each religious tradition, have taken a journey, which ultimately leads from the surface of consciousness to the Source of consciousness, and from selfhood to selflessness.
Frequency 1 post / month

26. Shalem Institute RSS Feed

Shalem Institute   Follow RSS
Grounded in our understanding of God's desire for peace, wholeness, and well-being, we envision a world transformed by contemplative living and leadership in which all people honor one another and creation, recognize their unity and interconnectedness, and courageously seek to live out of this reality.
Facebook Followers 11.6KInstagram Followers 1.9K Frequency 2 posts / week

27. Contemplative Outreach RSS Feed

Contemplative Outreach   Follow RSS
Contemplative Outreach is a spiritual network of individuals and small faith communities committed to living the contemplative dimension of the Gospel. The common desire for Divine transformation, primarily expressed through a commitment to a daily Centering Prayer practice, unites our international, interdenominational community.
Facebook Followers 6.2KTwitter Followers 9.3KInstagram Followers 2.9K Frequency 1 post / day

28. Wesleyan Contemplative Order Blog RSS Feed

Wesleyan Contemplative Order Blog wesleyancontemplativeorder.c..   Follow RSS
Wesleyan Contemplative Order is a community of individuals and small bands committed to opening space for God's grace to nurture the process of inner transformation, through contemplative practices as exemplified in Wesley's means of grace.
Frequency 1 post / quarter

29. WCCM A Contemplative Path Through The Crisis​ RSS Feed

WCCM A Contemplative Path Through The Crisis​   Follow RSS
Since the crisis hit the world the World Community has been approached by many people asking how we can help. We have consulted widely, reflected deeply, and we feel that A Contemplative Path Through the Crisis is a response that meets many needs in different ways. Meditation will not instantly solve all problems. But it changes how we view and deal with the challenges we face.
Facebook Followers 110KTwitter Followers 1.3K

30. Beginning to Pray » Contemplation RSS Feed

Beginning to Pray » Contemplation   Follow RSS
i am Anthony Lilles and I find myself needing to write this blog on prayer because every day it is as if I must, by God's grace, make a new beginning in my own life of prayer. The Contemplation blog is a word of hope for beginning to pray, suffering for the truth, building a contemplative culture and following the crucified Christ.

31. Cloud-Bearing Mountain Blog RSS Feed

Cloud-Bearing Mountain Blog   Follow RSS
Cloud-Bearing mountain is a Christian spiritual retreat center. we offer residential retreats and theological training structured around the practice of contemplative prayer. silent directed retreats form the heart of our programming.
Facebook Followers 363 Frequency 8 posts / year

32. Contemplative Homeschool Blog RSS Feed

Contemplative Homeschool Blog   Follow RSS
Here at Contemplative Homeschool, we help Catholics of all ages to grow closer to Christ at home, through books, videos, courses, blog posts, social media, homeschool resources, and online events. Our materials are top-quality, presenting traditional Catholic spirituality in a language today's Catholics can understand.

33. Crossroads Initiative » Contemplation RSS Feed

Crossroads Initiative » Contemplation   Follow RSS
The Crossroads Initiative is a band of wayfarers who've been gripped by the life and teaching of Jesus Christ and are trying to become his disciples. Our mission is to urge others, no matter what stage they've reached, to press on further down the road and bring others along with them. The Contemplation blog is a place where you will find articles and information about history and facts.
Twitter Followers 4.4KInstagram Followers 12.9K

34. Spiritual Direction » Contemplation RSS Feed

Spiritual Direction » Contemplation   Follow RSS is the largest website dedicated to authentic Catholic spirituality in the world, offering daily guid­ance to visitors from 190 countries through free life-changing resources and daily e-mail updates. Read our contemplation blog and learn about how to Seek Him - Find Him - Follow Him.

35. Contemplative Knitting Blog RSS Feed

Contemplative Knitting Blog   Follow RSS
Julie Cicora is an avid knitter who believes in the power of prayer. After being ordained as an Episcopal Priest, Julie began studying prayer which led to her first book 'All I Can Do Is Pray' about her experience as a hospital chaplain. She started a contemplative prayer practice which she found very hard to sustain until she combined it with knitting. Knitting opened the door to a daily prayer practice for Julie and other knitters who have participated in Julie's Lenten Knit along.
Frequency 1 post / quarter

36. The Contemplative Writer Blog RSS Feed

The Contemplative Writer Blog   Follow RSS
The Contemplative Writer offers soul care for writers and resources for practicing daily prayer. On this site, you'll find invitations to practice Christian spirituality and prompts or tips for both prayer and writing. The premise of this site is that writers of faith who care for their souls will cultivate a haven that will make their writing more focused, grounded in God's calling, and professionally sustainable.
Facebook Followers 275Twitter Followers 4.2K

37. CMind Society Blog RSS Feed

CMind Society Blog   Follow RSS
The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society is a global community of contemplative practitioners whose goal is the ongoing development of racial, social, economic, and environmental justice and the advancement of human flourishing.
Facebook Followers 10.6KInstagram Followers 809

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