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Here are 100 Best Dog RSS Feeds you should follow in 2024

1. iHeartDogs Blog RSS Feed

iHeartDogs Blog   Follow RSS
iHeartDogs is a go-to destination for all things canine. Founded by Justin Palmer, a passionate dog lover and advocate for animal welfare, the website is dedicated to celebrating the special bond between humans and dogs. With a team of expert writers, veterinarians, and enthusiasts, iHeartDogs blog offers valuable insights into dog care, health, behavior, and the latest trends in the canine world.
Facebook Followers 5MTwitter Followers 15.4KInstagram Followers 356.6K Frequency 5 posts / day Export RSS feeds list Get access to 250k active RSS feeds of news websites, blogs, magazines and podcasts with email contacts in 1500 niche categories. Get targeted RSS list in your niche at your fingertips. Email us the categories of RSS feeds you're interested in at Copy email. We'll share the list in an Excel spreadsheet or CSV format.

2. Eileenanddogs RSS Feed

Eileenanddogs   Follow RSS
EileenandDogs is a hub for dog enthusiasts looking to deepen their understanding of their furry companions. Founded by Eileen Anderson, a dog trainer and writer with a passion for positive reinforcement methods, this blog offers valuable insights into canine behavior and training. Eileen's journey began with her rescue dog, Clara, spurring her to explore the science behind dog behavior. With a background in science, Eileen provides practical advice, reflections, and evidence-based techniques. Explore the world of dog training, behavior modification, and the bond between humans and dogs with them.
Facebook Followers 7.6KTwitter Followers 1.8KInstagram Followers 3.3K Frequency 1 post / month

3. The Wildest RSS Feed

The Wildest   Follow RSS
The Wildest is your go-to for outdoor adventures, wildlife, and sustainability. Founded by Emily Carter, a wildlife biologist and outdoor enthusiast, the blog celebrates nature and the great outdoors. Emily's passion for wildlife and conservation shines through as she shares practical tips and inspiring stories.
Facebook Followers 361.5KTwitter Followers 100.2KInstagram Followers 536.7K Frequency 3 posts / week

4. RSS Feed   Follow RSS
'The Adopt a Pet blog offers a wealth of information for potential pet adopters and current pet owners, featuring expert advice on topics like pet care, adoption processes, and animal behavior. This blog benefits from the organization's collaboration with numerous animal welfare groups, allowing it to share valuable insights and heartwarming success stories that help guide responsible pet ownership. The blog is supported by Adopt a Pet, a nonprofit organization linked to Kinship, which focuses on innovative solutions for pet welfare and adoption services. For more details, visit the Adopt a Pet blog.
Facebook Followers 634KTwitter Followers 12.5KInstagram Followers 382.6K Frequency 30 posts / year

5. Sugar The Golden Retriever RSS Feed

Sugar The Golden Retriever   Follow RSS
Golden Woofs is a blog by Rosalyn about her Golden Retrievers, Koru Bear and Kenzo, which also pays homage to her previous dog, Sugar. The blog offers insights into dog-friendly travel, recipes for homemade dog treats, and shares the everyday experiences of living with Golden Retrievers. It serves as a resource for fellow dog lovers seeking guidance and inspiration.
Facebook Followers 19.6KTwitter Followers 17.7KInstagram Followers 30.2K Frequency 1 post / week

6. Dr. Dobias Natural Healing Blog for Dogs RSS Feed

Dr. Dobias Natural Healing Blog for Dogs   Follow RSS
The Dr. Peter Dobias blog focuses on holistic veterinary care and natural nutrition for dogs. Authored by Dr. Dobias, a veterinarian with extensive experience in holistic and conventional medicine, the blog provides valuable insights into natural pet health strategies, including the benefits of raw diets and natural supplements. Dr. Dobias aims to empower pet owners with knowledge to enhance their dogs' health and longevity without relying on pharmaceuticals.
Facebook Followers 147.5KTwitter Followers 2.4K Frequency 1 post / week

7. You Did What With Your Wiener RSS Feed

You Did What With Your Wiener   Follow RSS
'You Did What With Your Wiener?' is a blog by Jessica, a former scientist, dedicated to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for Dachshunds. She offers advice on hiking, camping, and traveling safely with small dogs. Jessica aims to dispel common myths about small dog capabilities and emphasizes proper care and adventure for Dachshunds. The blog also documents her journey with her own dogs and engages a community of like-minded Dachshund lovers through various interactive features.
Facebook Followers 16.7KTwitter Followers 5.1KInstagram Followers 23.7K Frequency 1 post / quarter Since May 2014

8. Endless Mountain Labradors RSS Feed

Endless Mountain Labradors   Follow RSS
Endless Mountain Labradors hosts a blog that's dedicated to providing Labrador enthusiasts with detailed insights into breed-specific care, health tips, and training strategies. Authored by Donna Stanley, the blog draws from nearly four decades of experience in breeding and raising Labradors. It serves as a comprehensive resource for Labrador owners, featuring topics ranging from diet and health care to behavioral training and puppy selection advice, helping them ensure their pets live healthy, happy lives.
Facebook Followers 70KTwitter Followers 491 Frequency 1 post / day

9. McConnell Publishing Inc.Blog RSS Feed

McConnell Publishing Inc.Blog   Follow RSS
The 'Other End of the Leash' blog, authored by Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., a renowned zoologist and Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, offers expert insights into canine behavior, dog training, and human-animal interactions. With her extensive academic background and decades of practical experience, Dr. McConnell explores the complex dynamics of living with and training dogs, aiming to improve the human-canine bond. Her blog serves as a valuable resource for dog owners and enthusiasts seeking to deepen their understanding and enhance their relationships with their pets.
Facebook Followers 287.9KTwitter Followers 2.2KInstagram Followers 15.2K Frequency 2 posts / month

10. Only Dog Crate RSS Feed

Only Dog Crate   Follow RSS
Find the perfect Dog Crate for your pawed friends at Only Dog Crate. Explore the latest guides that share tips and Dog furniture reviews to help pet parents choose the perfect home for their pets. is your ultimate destination for all things related to Dog crates and other furniture.
Facebook Followers 2 Frequency 10 posts / year

11. Perros Deraza RSS Feed

Perros Deraza   Follow RSS
The text discusses various breeds of small, medium, and large dogs, their characteristics, and classifications based on their functions. It also touches on dog feeding, diseases, and popular dog breeds. The breeds mentioned include Terriers, Teckels, Lebreles, Spitz, and more. Additionally, it lists popular dog breeds like Kangal, Labrador Retriever, and Bulldog.
Facebook Followers 4 Frequency 4 posts / week

12. DogDingDa Blog RSS Feed

DogDingDa Blog   Follow RSS
DogDingDa's blog is a treasure trove of detailed product reviews and insights dedicated to enhancing the lives of dogs and their owners. This blog, designed for dog lovers seeking unique and functional products, offers thorough reviews that help in choosing the right items for pet care. With a mission to create something beyond the ordinary, DogDingDa provides thoughtful content that not only aids in practical pet care but also beautifies the living spaces shared with pets.
Facebook Followers 2Twitter Followers 708 Frequency 13 posts / year

13. DogVills RSS Feed

DogVills   Follow RSS is a comprehensive blog for dog lovers, focusing on everything from dog training and behavior to adoption and care tips. Nicole, the editor-in-chief and passionate dog enthusiast, leads a team dedicated to enriching the lives of dogs and their owners. The blog combines practical advice with personal experiences, offering a wealth of knowledge to help readers make informed decisions about dog care, training, and adoption. Whether you're a first-time dog owner or a seasoned pet parent, DogVills aims to be your go-to resource for all things canine.
Twitter Followers 10.3KInstagram Followers 35.6K Frequency 5 posts / month

14. Hunde Imperium RSS Feed

Hunde Imperium   Follow RSS
Dogs are the greatest! I help dog lovers understand their pets so life is easier for both of them. The website is in English and German, and it features information about their products, recipes, and blog posts.
Frequency 2 posts / month

15. Dog Tales Blog RSS Feed

Dog Tales Blog   Follow RSS
Hello! I'm Deanna, and if you're here, chances are you share my love for animals, especially dogs. Whether you're exploring the world of rescue dogs, seeking insights on dog raising, or just love animal stories, you're in the right place. Through this platform, I aim to share these stories and insights, hoping they resonate with fellow animal lovers.
Frequency 1 post / quarter

16. MyPetMax RSS Feed

MyPetMax   Follow RSS
MyPetMax is my private blog related to dogs, this blog contains information about how to maintain and taking care of dogs, breeds of dogs, daily routine maintains of dogs, monitoring dogs and and dog's product review
Frequency 2 posts / quarter

17. Dogy Wogy RSS Feed

Dogy Wogy   Follow RSS is a website dedicated to providing dog owners with the best resources, and tips. This website provides essential information for dog lovers to improve their experience when caring for a dog. Find valuable expertise on topics such as dog care, training, nutrition, health, and behavior.
Frequency 10 posts / quarter

18. Boggos Blog RSS Feed

Boggos Blog   Follow RSS
Stay up to date with the latest tips and tricks for keeping your furry friends healthy and happy. At Boggos, we provide expert advice on everything from nutrition and exercise to training and fun activities. Get the most out of your furry friend with our helpful.
Frequency 2 posts / quarter

19. America's Top Dog Model Blog RSS Feed

America's Top Dog Model Blog   Follow RSS
America's Top Dog Model's 'Top Dog Blog' is an engaging outlet showcasing the lifestyle and adventures of top dog models, complementing their online store specializing in luxury pet apparel and accessories. Situated in Boca Raton, FL, this platform celebrates pet fashion and offers insights into pet care, grooming tips, and the latest trends in the pet industry. The blog's vivid depiction of canine charisma is an extension of their mission to glamorize and promote stylish, well-cared-for pets.
Twitter Followers 911Instagram Followers 18.6K Frequency 1 post / quarter

20. Longevity FAQ RSS Feed

Longevity FAQ   Follow RSS
Welcome to Longevity FAQ a website dedicated to sharing the latest news, articles and knowledge about Longevity and Anti-Aging including practical tips on how to increase your health and lifespan.
Facebook Followers 46Twitter Followers 11 Frequency 2 posts / month

21. Esteemdog RSS Feed

Esteemdog   Follow RSS
Esteemdog is a Professional dog Platform. Here readers are provided with only interesting, relevant content that they will find interesting. The writers are dedicated to providing you with the best of dogs, with a focus on dependability and providing the latest and most useful information about dog pets.
Frequency 2 posts / week

22. Open Fields K9 Blog RSS Feed

Open Fields K9 Blog   Follow RSS
Explore the latest articles on dog training, health, and more at Open Fields K9's official blog page. Whether you're a seasoned pet owner or a newcomer to the world of canine companionship, this blog is packed with informative content to help you understand and care for your furry friends better. Stay updated with the latest posts here.
Instagram Followers 28 Frequency 9 posts / day

23. Small Dog Rules Blog RSS Feed

Small Dog Rules Blog   Follow RSS
Find all new articles on the Small Dog blog page, where the team covers the latest news and science, and the best practices, for raising happy pups. Small Dog by Author Karen Lena Izzo is a complete resource on living well with Smaller size dogs. Join the community and celebrate your furry friends today.
Facebook Followers 203Instagram Followers 2.3K Frequency 1 post / month

24. Book of Dog RSS Feed

Book of Dog   Follow RSS
Hi - I'm Marnie Kunz, a dog lover, writer, rescue dog owner, and trainer living in NYC. I created Book of Dog as a resource for dog lovers, owners, and potential dog owners. We provide useful dog breed information, dog care tips, dog breed ranking lists, and more to help you find and care for your best dog match. Our mission is to educate and inform dog owners and lovers around the world and to support rescue dogs.
Frequency 7 posts / day

25. RSS Feed   Follow RSS
The Canine Journal blog serves as an extensive resource for dog enthusiasts, covering topics from dog breeds and care to health and pet insurance. Founded by Michelle Schenker and a team of dog lovers, the blog combines professional advice with personal experiences and insights, reflecting Michelle's lifelong commitment to dog rescue and care. This platform is designed to help dog owners navigate the joys and challenges of pet ownership with expert guidance and community support.
Facebook Followers 4.7KTwitter Followers 1.6KInstagram Followers 1.7K Frequency 1 post / week

26. PetDogPlanet RSS Feed

PetDogPlanet   Follow RSS
PetDogPlanet is a comprehensive resource for dog owners, featuring expert advice from a team including Richard Hayes, a renowned animal trainer and co-founder of the site. Based in Hollister, California, the blog offers in-depth articles on dog health, nutrition, training, and adoption, penned by experienced professionals like veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians. The blog's commitment to reliable, fact-checked information aims to enhance the well-being of pets and support responsible pet ownership, with a focus on improving the lives of shelter dogs through adoption.
Facebook Followers 945Twitter Followers 171Instagram Followers 686 Frequency 7 posts / week

27. My GBGV Life RSS Feed

My GBGV Life   Follow RSS
My GBGV Life is an engaging blog created by Jodi and her Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen dogs, focusing on their adventures and offering tips on dog care, particularly for scent hounds. The blog shares a wide range of content including recipes for dog treats, dog training tips, and personal stories of their life experiences. It started in 2011, inspired by Jodi's love for her dogs and her desire to share their journey and insights with a community of dog lovers.
Facebook Followers 3.5KTwitter Followers 10KInstagram Followers 2.8K Frequency 4 posts / week

28. No Bad Dogs Podcast RSS Feed

No Bad Dogs Podcast   Follow RSS
Welcome to the No Bad Dogs Podcast, hosted by America's Canine Educator, Thomas Davis. Do you often wonder what your dog is thinking? Join Thomas as he teams up with dog trainers, dog lovers, dog enthusiasts and EVERYTHING in between to bring you the No Bad Dogs Podcast! Each episode will be PACKED full of dog training information and tips. Don't miss the weekly Q&A segment where you can call in and ask your own dog-related questions! Some of the topics we'll cover include dog/puppy training, dog/canine behaviors, advanced training techniques, teaching and more!
Facebook Followers 276.8KTwitter Followers 8 Frequency 5 posts / month

29. Dogtopia RSS Feed

Dogtopia   Follow RSS
The Dogtopia blog is a hub for dog lovers looking to enrich their pet's life with the best daycare, boarding, and spa services. It features a wide range of topics from canine care and wellness to training and nutrition, reflecting the commitment of Dogtopia, established in 2002, to provide exceptional service and education for dog owners. The blog supports Dogtopia's mission to enhance the joy of dog parenthood and includes contributions from various experts in the field.
Facebook Followers 18.5KTwitter Followers 3.9KInstagram Followers 16.4K Frequency 6 posts / month

30. Puppy Leaks RSS Feed

Puppy Leaks   Follow RSS
Puppy Leaks is a blog dedicated to enhancing the lives of dog owners by providing practical tips and advice. Founded and authored by an individual with a lifelong passion for dogs, the blog shares a wealth of knowledge gleaned from personal experiences and professional insights on dog training, health, and lifestyle. This resource aims to simplify the complexities of dog care, making daily life with pets more enjoyable and informed. The blog also engages its audience by addressing common canine questions and challenges, making it a dynamic platform for dog lovers.
Facebook Followers 5.1KTwitter Followers 6.2K Frequency 7 posts / year Since Jun 2014

31. RSS Feed   Follow RSS
The GoPetFriendly blog is a vibrant platform founded by Amy and Rod Burkert, focusing on pet travel. Starting their journey in 2009, they offer extensive resources and personal insights from traveling full-time with their dogs for over a decade. The blog features destination guides, travel tips, and practical advice for those looking to explore with their pets. It emphasizes making traveling with pets easier and more enjoyable, advocating for a lifestyle where pets are integral to adventure and family experiences.
Facebook Followers 142.7KTwitter Followers 85.1KInstagram Followers 10.7K Frequency 1 post / month

32. DogTipper RSS Feed

DogTipper   Follow RSS is a blog created by Paris Permenter and her husband John Bigley, who combine their expertise as longtime travel writers and pet enthusiasts. Launched in 2008, the blog offers a wealth of information on how to include dogs in every aspect of life, from dining out to travel. The blog not only shares practical tips and dog-friendly guides but also reflects Paris and John's passion for celebrating life with their rescue dogs. With a focus on creating a joyful and informed community of dog lovers, DogTipper emphasizes tips, recipes, and personal experiences that enhance the lives of dogs and their owners.
Facebook Followers 106.5KTwitter Followers 90.2KInstagram Followers 5.2K Frequency 2 posts / week

33. PawLeaks RSS Feed

PawLeaks   Follow RSS
Pawleaks, a comprehensive blog managed by Danielle and her partner alongside their Rottweiler, Amalia, delves into all facets of dog care with a strong emphasis on behavioral and health research. This blog blends professional expertise with personal passion, focusing on creating a better understanding between dogs and their owners through scientifically backed information. Their mission extends beyond simple blog posts to shaping a community committed to responsible and informed dog ownership.
Facebook Followers 4.7KTwitter Followers 89Instagram Followers 3.5K Frequency 1 post / quarter

34. Puppy In Training Blog RSS Feed

Puppy In Training Blog   Follow RSS
Puppy In Training is a detailed blog by Colby Morita, a seasoned guide and service dog trainer who shares his extensive experience in raising puppies for service roles. Since launching the blog in 2007, Colby has raised numerous puppies, providing invaluable insights into training and behavioral management, with a focus on service dog preparation. The blog is rich with tips, stories, and guidance aimed at helping puppy owners navigate the challenges and rewards of puppy raising, making it a vital resource for those involved in or interested in the training of service dogs.
Facebook Followers 92.4KTwitter Followers 4.1K Frequency 1 post / quarter Since Aug 2007

35. Petmoo RSS Feed

Petmoo   Follow RSS
Petmoo is an online platform dedicated to pet lovers around the world, founded by pet enthusiasts who are committed to sharing their love for animals. The blog covers a wide range of topics, including detailed breed information, health, nutrition, and pet care tips for both dogs and cats. Petmoo aims to be a comprehensive resource for pet owners seeking reliable and informative content to help them care for their pets effectively. Whether you're a seasoned pet owner or new to the pet parenting world, Petmoo offers insightful articles to assist you in ensuring the well-being of your furry friends​.
Facebook Followers 4KTwitter Followers 14Instagram Followers 279 Frequency 30 posts / year

36. Weiner Doggy RSS Feed

Weiner Doggy   Follow RSS
Hershey is my 12 years old weiner doggy and is very active for his age. He is a loveable lap dog, enjoys his daily walks, his daily ride in car, and of course treats.
Frequency 1 post / week

37. Dogs Blog RSS Feed

 Dogs Blog   Follow RSS is a dedicated platform launched in 2007, focusing on finding new homes for shelter dogs across the UK. It works in partnership with over 500 shelters and has successfully rehomed over 70,000 dogs, offering a win-win solution by saving millions in welfare costs. The blog seeks to accelerate the adoption process by spotlighting rescue dogs available for immediate adoption, thereby reducing the duration dogs spend in shelters.
Facebook Followers 7KTwitter Followers 3.1K Frequency 30 posts / week Since Jan 2007

38. Fidose of Reality RSS Feed

Fidose of Reality   Follow RSS
Fidose of Reality is your one-stop shop for all things canine. Authored by Carol Bryant, a passionate advocate for canine well-being and self-described 'dog person of the highest order,' this blog offers a unique blend of practical advice and heartwarming stories. Whether you're a seasoned Cocker Spaniel owner or just starting out with your furry friend, Fidose of Reality provides insights on doggy health, behavior training, and even tackles sensitive topics like abuse prevention.
Facebook Followers 9.2KTwitter Followers 12.9KInstagram Followers 11.2K Frequency 1 post / week

39. Keep the Tail Wagging Blog RSS Feed

Keep the Tail Wagging Blog   Follow RSS
'Keep the Tail Wagging' is a dynamic and informative blog dedicated to natural canine care, founded by Kimberly Gauthier. As a certified professional canine nutritionist, Kimberly shares her journey and insights into raw feeding and holistic dog care. Starting from her personal experience transitioning her dogs to a raw diet, the blog has evolved into a resource for pet parents interested in alternative health strategies. Through personal stories, expert advice, and comprehensive guides, Kimberly encourages dog owners to think critically about pet nutrition and wellness​.
Facebook Followers 36.6KInstagram Followers 10.2K Frequency 3 posts / month

40. DogExpress RSS Feed

DogExpress   Follow RSS
DogExpress is a dynamic blog and social platform tailored for Indian dog lovers, offering a vast range of content from dog care tips and health advice to news and heartfelt stories. Launched in 2015, it quickly became a cornerstone for dog-related information in India, underpinned by its strong community of over 550,000 pet owners. The blog aims to support dog welfare and advocacy by donating a portion of its advertising revenue to NGOs and featuring extensive resources for both seasoned and prospective pet parents.
Facebook Followers 502KTwitter Followers 2.6KInstagram Followers 6.6K Frequency 2 posts / month

41. Long Haul Trekkers RSS Feed

Long Haul Trekkers   Follow RSS
Long Haul Trekkers is a captivating blog dedicated to enhancing the experiences of dog owners who share a passion for outdoor adventures and travel with their canine companions. Founded by Jen Sotolongo amidst a transformative two-year bicycle tour through Europe and South America with her dog, Sora, the blog has evolved into a comprehensive resource. It offers detailed guides on dog-friendly activities, practical travel advice, and expert dog training tips based on Jen's extensive experience. Readers can expect a blend of personal anecdotes, tried-and-tested strategies for managing reactive dogs, and a community-focused approach to sharing knowledge on dog care and training. Jen's commitment to creating a safe, supportive environment for discussing diverse training methods adds a unique and valuable dimension to her blog.
Facebook Followers 3.3KTwitter Followers 1.7KInstagram Followers 25.7K Frequency 3 posts / year Since Apr 2018

42. Oh My Dog! Blog RSS Feed

Oh My Dog! Blog   Follow RSS
'Oh My Dog!' is an engaging blog created and curated by Maggie Marton, an enthusiastic writer, pit bull advocate, and pet lifestyle expert. The blog celebrates pets, particularly dogs and cats, through a variety of posts ranging from personal stories to practical tips on training, DIY projects, and product reviews. Maggie's writing reflects her deep commitment to values such as compassion, authenticity, and community engagement. Living in Indiana with her family and pets, Maggie aims to inspire and connect with fellow animal lovers, fostering a supportive online community.
Facebook Followers 4.4KTwitter Followers 4.3KInstagram Followers 1.4K Frequency 1 post / month

43. Dog With Blog RSS Feed

Dog With Blog   Follow RSS
'Dog with Blog' is an inspiring blog that delves into the heartwarming world of dogs, highlighting tales of adoptions and the deep bonds between dogs and humans. The blog was born from a college initiative aimed at finding homes for stray and abandoned dogs, and over the years, it has facilitated over 900 adoptions. Through captivating stories and updates, the blog offers a unique perspective on the canine world, encouraging the adoption of pets and raising awareness about their needs.
Facebook Followers 88.1KTwitter Followers 12.9KInstagram Followers 10.4K Frequency 2 posts / month

44. Dog Endorsed RSS Feed

Dog Endorsed   Follow RSS
Dog Endorsed, run by Todd, is an informational blog that explores a broad spectrum of dog-related topics, from product reviews to expert advice on dog care. Todd, a late-blooming pet lover now living in Florida with his family and toy poodle, combines his passions for internet marketing and pets to offer a well-rounded resource. His site features contributions from veterinarians and other canine experts, ensuring reliable and thorough insights for enhancing your dog's life.
Facebook Followers 1.3KTwitter Followers 66 Frequency 1 post / quarter

45. Small Dog Place Blog RSS Feed

Small Dog Place Blog   Follow RSS
The 'Small Dog Place' blog is a treasure trove of information tailored for small dog breeds, passionately curated by Janice Jones. With a rich background as a veterinary technician and a dog breeder, Janice brings a wealth of experience to her readers, offering insights into dog care, training, and health. The blog is an extension of her dedication to educating dog owners, informed by her extensive education in psychology, nursing, and early childhood education, as well as her hands-on experience in animal care. Janice's blog serves as a comprehensive resource for small dog lovers looking for reliable, scientifically backed advice on nurturing their pets.
Facebook Followers 26.2KTwitter Followers 14 Frequency 6 posts / month

46. How To Train Your Dog RSS Feed

How To Train Your Dog   Follow RSS
'How to Train the Dog' is an engaging blog that offers practical advice and insightful tips on dog training and behavior management. It provides valuable resources for dog owners seeking to improve their skills in handling, training, and understanding their canine companions. The blog covers a range of topics from basic obedience to dealing with more complex behavioral issues, emphasizing humane and effective training methods. The author's passion for enhancing the bond between dogs and their owners shines through every article, making it a go-to resource for both new and experienced dog owners alike.
Facebook Followers 2.5KTwitter Followers 1.2K Frequency 2 posts / month

47. Sidewalk Dog Blog RSS Feed

Sidewalk Dog Blog   Follow RSS
Sidewalk Dog is a vibrant blog dedicated to enriching the lives of dog owners and their pets by offering a plethora of resources on dog-friendly places, activities, and products. Founded by Ali Jarvis, a passionate advocate for integrating dogs into daily social life, the blog provides unique insights into pet-friendly lifestyles, promoting engagement through community-based content, reviews, and guides. Ali's leadership ensures that Sidewalk Dog remains a top resource, helping dog lovers make informed decisions while fostering a sense of community among pet owners.
Facebook Followers 62.8KTwitter Followers 6.3KInstagram Followers 32.5K Frequency 1 post / day

48. Kolchak, the DIY dog RSS Feed

Kolchak, the DIY dog   Follow RSS
Kol's Notes is a delightful and informative blog run by Jodi Chick, a dedicated dog mom who blends her passion for DIY projects, dog care, and humor into engaging content. This blog not only offers practical advice on crafting homemade dog treats and natural cleaning tips but also shares personal anecdotes and lessons learned from Jodi's life with her dogs, particularly her beloved puggle, Kolchak. Jodi's experiences and creative ideas aim to help fellow dog owners create a fun, loving, and healthy environment for their pets.
Facebook Followers 4.5KTwitter Followers 5.8KInstagram Followers 1.8K Frequency 1 post / month

49. Cockapoo HQ Blog RSS Feed

Cockapoo HQ Blog   Follow RSS
Cockapoo HQ, a blog passionately managed by Mike and his lively cockapoo, Luna, offers a variety of insights into the life and care of cockapoos. The blog covers topics from feeding and health to fun activities, aiming to be a go-to resource for cockapoo owners and enthusiasts. Through entertaining stories and practical tips, Mike and Luna share their adventures and knowledge, making Cockapoo HQ a vibrant community for those fascinated by this breed.
Facebook Followers 3.1KTwitter Followers 195 Frequency 3 posts / month Since Feb 2017

50. FIDO Friendly Blog - Leave no dog behind RSS Feed

FIDO Friendly Blog - Leave no dog behind   Follow RSS
Endless Mountain Labradors hosts a blog that's dedicated to providing Labrador enthusiasts with detailed insights into breed-specific care, health tips, and training strategies. Authored by Donna Stanley, the blog draws from nearly four decades of experience in breeding and raising Labradors. It serves as a comprehensive resource for Labrador owners, featuring topics ranging from diet and health care to behavioral training and puppy selection advice, helping them ensure their pets live healthy, happy lives.
Facebook Followers 189.6KTwitter Followers 52.8K Frequency 1 post / week

51. Iron Doggy RSS Feed

Iron Doggy   Follow RSS
Covers the latest Woofs and learn more about running or hiking with your pup. Iron Doggy provides runners and outdoor enthusiasts with uniquely designed and high-quality dog running gear.
Facebook Followers 1.2KTwitter Followers 60Instagram Followers 4.3K Frequency 1 post / month

52. Champion of My Heart … a real-time memoir RSS Feed

Champion of My Heart … a real-time memoir   Follow RSS
Welcome to Champion of My Heart, an award-winning blog founded in April 2007 by Roxanne Hawn, a veteran journalist with over two decades of experience in pet/veterinary journalism. This heartfelt blog started as a chronicle of life with Lilly, a sensitive border collie who faced significant health challenges due to a vaccine reaction. Over the years, the blog has grown to include tales of new canine heroes like Clover and Tori, sharing ongoing adventures, training challenges, and fostering stories.
Facebook Followers 2.5KTwitter Followers 6.9KInstagram Followers 243 Frequency 1 post / week

53. The Dog Snobs RSS Feed

The Dog Snobs   Follow RSS
The Dog Snobs is a unique blog created by Amanda O'Brien, a marketing expert turned passionate blogger. Amanda, originally from Australia but now based in London, uses her deep affection for dogs as the cornerstone of her content, focusing on dog behaviors, breed specifics, and the best products for canine care. With her comprehensive approach, the blog seeks to educate dog lovers on various aspects of dog ownership, backed by expert opinions and thorough research.
Facebook Followers 13.5K Frequency 3 posts / week

54. Give A Shit | Eco Products RSS Feed

Give A Shit | Eco Products   Follow RSS
Give A Sh!t's blog offers an engaging platform for eco-conscious pet owners who want to make environmentally responsible choices for their furry friends. Founded by Curtis and Katie, who are driven by a mission to revolutionize the pet industry through sustainable practices, the blog reflects their commitment to the environment and features various topics centered around eco-friendly pet care. The founders' personal dedication to making a positive impact is evident in their posts, which aim to inspire and educate pet owners about sustainable living with pets.
Facebook Followers 3.7K Frequency 2 posts / week

55. DJANGO Blog RSS Feed

DJANGO Blog   Follow RSS
The Django Brand blog captures the spirit of adventure that underlies their line of durable, stylish dog gear. Founded by Steph and Mike, inspired by their travels with their dog Django, the blog covers their experiences and insights into traveling with pets. Their posts are enriched by their commitment to environmental preservation and sustainability, showcasing not just products but a lifestyle that values both adventure and ecological responsibility. This dedication has positioned Django as a notable name in pet care and lifestyle.
Facebook Followers 7KInstagram Followers 47.2K Frequency 10 posts / year

56. Walkin' Pets Blog RSS Feed

Walkin' Pets Blog   Follow RSS
The Walkin' Pets blog is a vital resource for pet owners looking for mobility solutions for disabled, injured, or aging pets. It provides a comprehensive guide on various pet products, including dog wheelchairs, and offers support through detailed instructional content and success stories. The blog is an extension of Walkin' Pets by, a company dedicated to improving pet mobility and enhancing the quality of life for pets and their caregivers.
Facebook Followers 201.7KTwitter Followers 5KInstagram Followers 140.4K Frequency 30 posts / year

57. Pet Life Blog RSS Feed

Pet Life Blog   Follow RSS
The Pet Life blog offers a variety of informative posts that cater to pet owners looking for advice and insights into the health, well-being, and care of their pets. Established in 2007, Pet Life has grown from a local supplier to a prominent name in pet supplies internationally, emphasizing innovative products that improve pet living. Their blog extends their mission to inform and enhance the pet owner experience, backed by their commitment to support local animal shelters.
Facebook Followers 1.5KTwitter Followers 798Instagram Followers 4.4K Frequency 1 post / month

58. Groomit Blog RSS Feed

Groomit Blog   Follow RSS
Groomit's blog is an extension of their innovative platform, which connects pet owners with groomers for in-home services, emphasizing comfort and convenience. Their about page highlights their commitment to providing top-quality, affordable grooming services directly in clients' homes, using all-natural products and ensuring a low-stress experience for pets. The team consists of groomers who are not only fully insured and trained through Groomit's proprietary system but also share a deep passion for pets. This reflects in their blog content, which aims to educate pet owners on the best grooming practices and pet care.
Facebook Followers 5KTwitter Followers 321Instagram Followers 10.7K Frequency 19 posts / year

59. Dogs Lovers Blog RSS Feed

Dogs Lovers Blog   Follow RSS
The Dogs Lovers Blog offers a passionate glimpse into the lives and stories of dogs and their owners. Initiated as a personal project, the blog has grown into a vibrant community for dog enthusiasts worldwide. Its content focuses on dog-related news, including media appearances and product recalls, while also promoting responsible pet ownership and adoption. The blog's mission extends beyond storytelling to actively fostering over 900 dog adoptions, reflecting its commitment to improving the lives of dogs and their human companions.
Facebook Followers 4.7KTwitter Followers 1.8KInstagram Followers 6.1K Frequency 6 posts / quarter

60. 4-Legger - Fetch the 4-Legger Blog RSS Feed

4-Legger - Fetch the 4-Legger Blog   Follow RSS
4-Legger's 'Fetch the Dog Blog' is led by Melissa Boland, driven by a personal journey intertwined with the health challenges faced by her dog and herself. The blog reflects her commitment to providing organic, toxin-free grooming products. Boland's story of transformation, beginning with her dog's illness and her own cancer diagnosis, underscores the blog's focus on safe, natural care solutions for pets, aiming to revolutionize the pet grooming industry through education and high-quality products
Facebook Followers 30.7KTwitter Followers 267Instagram Followers 5.4K Frequency 1 post / week

61. Leader Dogs for the Blind RSS Feed

Leader Dogs for the Blind   Follow RSS
The Leader Dogs for the Blind blog is an essential extension of their mission to empower people who are blind or visually impaired, offering insights and updates on their services and programs. Founded in 1939 by members of the Detroit-area Lions Clubs, Leader Dogs for the Blind provides specialized training and tools at no cost to clients, enhancing independence and mobility. The blog shares stories of transformation, innovative training techniques, and updates on the organization's impacts, reflecting their dedication to enabling a life without boundaries for the blind community.
Facebook Followers 73.7KTwitter Followers 6.2KInstagram Followers 40.2K Frequency 5 posts / month Since Apr 2016

62. Hellow Dog | Dog Lover Blogs RSS Feed

Hellow Dog | Dog Lover Blogs   Follow RSS
Hellowdog is a heartfelt blog created by a dedicated dog lover passionate about all aspects of canine care. The site is filled with detailed reviews and guides aimed to assist dog owners in making informed decisions about their pet's health, grooming, and lifestyle. It stands out with a personal touch, as it reflects the author's journey from a novice to an informed dog owner, driven by the need to care optimally for his two cherished dogs. The blog aims to be both educational and entertaining, bridging the gap between dog lovers and the products that meet their pets' needs.
Facebook Followers 1.3KTwitter Followers 812 Frequency 2 posts / quarter

63. USA Dog Behavior, LLC Blog RSS Feed

USA Dog Behavior, LLC Blog   Follow RSS
The USA Dog Behavior blog, managed by Scott Sheaffer, offers expert insights into addressing complex dog behavior issues. Scott, a certified dog behavior consultant, utilizes his extensive knowledge and innovative methods, like FRED™ and Looping™, to educate dog owners on achieving better behavior through understanding and training. His blog not only disseminates his expertise but also serves as a platform for his seminars and personal anecdotes, helping owners foster healthier relationships with their dogs.
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64. Dogfluence RSS Feed

Dogfluence   Follow RSS
Blog for influencers and brands in the dog industry. Dogfluence is a platform that matches famous dogs with premium brands in the dog industry.
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65. The Dogs RSS Feed

The Dogs   Follow RSS
The Dogs blog, curated by Dominic Lill, is a dynamic resource for dog lovers, sharing the experiences and insights Dominic gained from growing up with dogs and now living with his German Shepherd, Apollo. Based on his personal journey and advice from experts in various dog-related fields, the blog aims to smooth the path for other dog owners, providing expert advice on training, care, and community involvement. Dominic's deep-rooted passion for dogs is evident in the stories and tips shared on the blog.
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66. Deaf Dogs Rock RSS Feed

Deaf Dogs Rock   Follow RSS
Deaf Dogs Rock is a heartfelt blog that serves as both a resource and a community for those interested in the care and training of deaf dogs. Founded by Christina Lee, inspired by her own experiences with a deaf dog named Nitro, the site advocates for and supports deaf dogs through education, sharing personal stories, and a directory for adoption. It aims to debunk myths about deaf dogs and provides practical training tips, promoting a better understanding and integration of these special pets into loving homes.
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67. Pets Blow RSS Feed

Pets Blow   Follow RSS is a website where we share information about pets and reviews of the best pets products.
Frequency 1 post / quarter

68. Gina's Dog Blog RSS Feed

Gina's Dog Blog   Follow RSS
This site chronicles the thoughts and actions of Gina, a 5-year old field spaniel. She started the blog because the humans she lives with keep telling people what she is like, what she does, and what she thinks. She wanted to get her own thoughts 'out there'.
Frequency 3 posts / month Since Jun 2020

69. Giggle Pets RSS Feed

Giggle Pets   Follow RSS
'Giggle Pets' is an engaging blog that caters to dog and cat owners, offering a plethora of advice ranging from general pet care to specific tips on health and nutrition. The blog is designed to be a go-to resource for pet owners seeking practical guidance and interesting ideas to enhance their life with pets. It features various tools and resources such as a pet name generator and dog age calculator, making it both a fun and informative platform for pet enthusiasts. With content that dives into common concerns like reducing the risk of bloat in large breed dogs or helping dogs overcome walk anxiety, 'Giggle Pets' aims to support pet owners in fostering happy and healthy pets​.
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70. Om Shanti Pups | Blog RSS Feed

Om Shanti Pups | Blog   Follow RSS
Om Shanti Pups is an engaging blog run by Natasha, a dog rescue advocate, yoga enthusiast, and essential oils aficionado. Inspired by her dogs Ginger, Roxy, and Rico, Natasha aims to improve dog health and well-being, with a special focus on canine anxiety and quality of life. The blog provides valuable resources for dog owners to keep their pets healthy and happy, backed by Natasha's personal experiences and research into effective natural care practices.
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71. Wag and Cluck RSS Feed

Wag and Cluck   Follow RSS
Wag and Cluck is a vibrant blog by Christy Caplan, a Certified Veterinary Technician, exploring the health and wellness of dogs and chickens. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Christy offers tips on outdoor adventures and product reviews, all backed by her professional expertise and personal experiences. Her blog serves as a resource for pet owners interested in alternative health techniques, enriched by her active involvement in animal care communities.
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72. The Dog Secrets RSS Feed

The Dog Secrets   Follow RSS
The Dog Secrets blog, founded by Gimmy in 2022, aims to be a credible hub for a wide array of topics, from dog care to lifestyle insights. Focused on providing well-researched and insightful posts, the blog was born from Gimmy's desire to offer a reliable source amid the overwhelming flood of online information. With a strong editorial process and a team of experienced contributors, The Dog Secrets emphasizes quality and reader engagement, striving to be a go-to resource for dog owners and enthusiasts seeking dependable advice and tips.
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73. Doggo Talko RSS Feed

Doggo Talko   Follow RSS
Doggo Talko is a site to learn more about your dogs and puppies. Our goal is to form a community of dog owners to help with issues concerning your dog or puppy and to provide tips, ideas, and suggestions for various issues/problems that we've learned over the years of living with dogs.
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74. Dentler's Dog Training, LLC - Woof! The Blog RSS Feed

Dentler's Dog Training, LLC - Woof! The Blog   Follow RSS
Dentler's Dog Training, founded by Jeff Dentler, focuses on the blog 'Woof! The Blog' to share expert dog training advice using positive reinforcement methods. The blog draws from Jeff's extensive experience and philosophy that eschews harmful training methods for science-based, compassionate approaches. His mission is to educate dog owners not just during sessions, but to empower them with the knowledge to continue training at home, thereby reducing the number of dogs surrendered to shelters due to behavior issues.
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75. Three Dogs Training Blog RSS Feed

Three Dogs Training Blog   Follow RSS
The Three Dogs Training blog, authored by Lisa J. Edwards, offers readers insights into dog training and behavior modification based on her extensive experience as a certified professional dog trainer and behavior consultant. Lisa, who has been professionally training dogs since 2000 and is based in New York, emphasizes positive reinforcement techniques in her training. Her blog not only shares practical training tips but also delves into the relationship dynamics between dogs and their human companions, reflecting her deep understanding and compassion for animals.
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76. So Much PETential Blog RSS Feed

So Much PETential Blog   Follow RSS
Whether you're looking to get your puppy or dog to listen to you or solve behaviour issues, we are committed to using LIMA and scientifically proven strategies. Find articles about training puppies, dogs and parrots by Lisa Desatnik, a Cincinnati dog and parrot trainer.
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77. Dog Watch UK RSS Feed

Dog Watch UK   Follow RSS
Dogwatch UK is a dedicated blog and charity that passionately advocates for the welfare of 'poundies' dogs on death row in pounds across the UK. It was inspired by a trustee's personal experience of her dog being stolen, which exposed her to the broader issues facing unwanted and lost dogs. Based in the West Midlands, the charity thrives on a community of volunteers who foster dogs, help with transports, and organize fundraising events. Dogwatch UK emphasizes the urgency and need for adopting dogs from pounds and rescues, providing them with a second chance at life in loving homes
Facebook Followers 7.6KTwitter Followers 737 Frequency 1 post / week

78. Groovy Goldendoodles | A blog about fun canine adventures with Goldendoodle dogs Harley & Jaxson RSS Feed

Groovy Goldendoodles | A blog about fun canine adventures with Goldendoodle dogs Harley & Jaxson   Follow RSS
The Groovy Goldendoodles blog is a heartwarming exploration of life with Goldendoodles, authored by Cathy Bennett. From her first Goldendoodle, Harley, who significantly impacted her life, to her current companion, Jaxson, Cathy shares her journey alongside these charming dogs. The blog encompasses stories of love, loss, and the everyday adventures that come with pet ownership and working as a canine therapist in Charleston, SC. Her personal narratives not only highlight the joy and therapy these dogs provide but also touch on broader topics like responsible breeding and pet adoption. Cathy's writing captures the essence of living with and loving these unique pets, making it a treasure trove for dog lovers and particularly those fond of Goldendoodles.
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79. Houston Dog Mom RSS Feed

Houston Dog Mom   Follow RSS
Feeling overwhelmed navigating Houston's dog scene? Tail wags and happy barks await at Houston Dog Mom! This one-stop shop caters to everything the discerning Houston Dog Mom needs to keep her furry friend flourishing. Whether you're seeking the perfect dog walker, scouting out reputable rescues, or whipping up delicious homemade treats, Houston Dog Mom serves as your ultimate resource guide.
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80. Family Disaster Dogs RSS Feed

Family Disaster Dogs   Follow RSS
The Family Disaster Dogs blog, founded by Amber Higgins, is dedicated to teaching pet owners how their dogs can assist in disaster situations. Amber, an experienced dog trainer specializing in search and rescue (SAR) operations, shares her knowledge on training dogs to perform tasks like finding missing persons and aiding in evacuations. Her blog serves as an educational platform for both routine and emergency pet care, drawing on her extensive experience with SAR dogs and her deep commitment to canine training and safety.
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81. Ace Dog Blog RSS Feed

Ace Dog Blog   Follow RSS
Subscribe to this blog for all things DOG!
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82. K.I.S.S. Dog Training RSS Feed

K.I.S.S. Dog Training   Follow RSS
All things Dog & Dog Training...
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83. Meg Heath Dog Leads RSS Feed

Meg Heath Dog Leads   Follow RSS
News and articles about dogs, written by Sarah Gleave of Meg Heath Dog Leads in Lincolnshire, UK - a dog owner, kennel owner and former dog trainer.
Facebook Followers 4K Frequency 3 posts / quarter

84. Hero Dogs RSS Feed

Hero Dogs   Follow RSS
The Hero Dogs Blog provides updates and insights from Hero Dogs, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to training and placing service dogs with U.S. veterans and first responders with disabilities in the Washington, DC area. The blog shares stories and achievements of these highly skilled dogs and their handlers, reflecting the organization's commitment to improving the quality of life for America's heroes through custom-trained service dogs. This blog serves as a window into the impacts these dogs have in assisting their human partners
Facebook Followers 12.9KTwitter Followers 1.5KInstagram Followers 6.7K Frequency 2 posts / quarter

85. The Home of Quality Drentsche Patrijshonden RSS Feed

The Home of Quality Drentsche Patrijshonden   Follow RSS
Keep up with the articles on Dutch Dog from Brian P O'Connor.
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86. Doggypetshop RSS Feed

Doggypetshop   Follow RSS
We are passionate about all things dog and owner accessories. Our mission is to provide our customers with a unique best travel, safety and dog aid gadgets to help the dog and the owner in their day to day lives.
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87. Acme Canine RSS Feed

Acme Canine   Follow RSS
Acme Canine is a comprehensive blog founded by Laura Pakis, an experienced Certified Professional Dog Trainer and a keen advocate for canine behavior education. This site serves as a platform to share her extensive knowledge, built over years of training more than 5,000 dogs and managing a boarding and daycare facility. The blog aims to equip dog owners with effective training techniques and insights into canine behavior, promoting better communication and stronger bonds between dogs and their owners. Through Acme Canine, Laura Pakis offers a blend of professional advice, practical training tips, and the latest research to help owners navigate the challenges and joys of dog ownership.
Facebook Followers 1.5KTwitter Followers 611Instagram Followers 182 Frequency 1 post / quarter

88. Bullyfambamblog RSS Feed

Bullyfambamblog   Follow RSS
Bullyfambam Blog, managed by Loly, who is deeply passionate about English bulldogs, celebrates the life and adventures of these charming canines, especially in the sunny environs of Miami. Loly created the blog and accompanying social media to share the stories of her beloved dogs, aiming to connect with other dog lovers. The blog captures the spirit of dog companionship and offers insights into their unique lifestyle, enriched by personal stories and a strong community of followers.
Twitter Followers 2K Frequency 1 post / month Since May 2015

89. The Whole Dog Journal RSS Feed

The Whole Dog Journal   Follow RSS
Whole Dog Journal is a trusted resource for dog lovers looking to enhance the health, nutrition, and training of their pets since 1998. The blog, guided by a team of expert veterinarians, dog trainers, and nutritionists, offers in-depth articles on positive reinforcement training methods, health care advice, and nutrition guides tailored for dogs. It's dedicated to providing readers with practical tips and the latest in conventional and complementary veterinary practices, helping them cultivate a nurturing and informed relationship with their dogs.
Facebook Followers 786.3KTwitter Followers 58KInstagram Followers 7.6K Frequency 1 post / day

90. Barkswell RSS Feed

Barkswell   Follow RSS
Barkswell is a safe place to share and grow, laugh and build community with other dog lovers and owners (while hopefully learning something along the way). What better way to enrich the lives of our beloved pets than to connect with each other on their behalf? Barkswell is for the rainy days, the sunny days, the potty training days and the mastering tricks days. We are also everything in between. Our blog articles are simple: We Care are health and nutrition related; We Recall are all the lovely stories in memory of pets we have loved and lost; We Love are personal or rescue stories;
Twitter Followers 34Instagram Followers 7.1K Frequency 1 post / month Since Apr 2015

91. Sleeping between Giants RSS Feed

Sleeping between Giants   Follow RSS
'Sleeping between Giants' is an amusing and insightful dog blog by writer and humorist Dave Jaffe, featuring his life with his terrier, Budleigh, and other canine companions. The blog mixes humor with practical advice and explores the quirks of living with dogs, particularly terriers, who bring chaos and joy in equal measure. Jaffe's witty narrative style offers a unique take on dog ownership, appealing to both pet lovers and anyone who enjoys a good laugh.
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92. Sleeping between Giants RSS Feed

Sleeping between Giants   Follow RSS
When about a year old, Budleigh was adopted from a shelter where he was called Bandit. All shelters name their dogs Bandit. No one knows why, but you can change it. A genetically diverse dog, Budleigh probably is a cross between a terrier and terrier, although not the same terrier.
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93. The Pooch Coach Dog Training Blog RSS Feed

The Pooch Coach Dog Training Blog   Follow RSS
Enjoy this Dog Blog with Free Tips on training and interesting advice with cute dog pics every week. Learn about all topics dog-related, from training and behavior advice to fun facts about dogs. The Pooch Coach also shares her clients' stories with you, which she hopes will inspire you to work with your dog to help them become the best dog they can be.
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94. Pet Reviews | Dog RSS Feed

Pet Reviews | Dog   Follow RSS
Pet Reviews, founded by Sean Green and written by a team of passionate pet enthusiasts including Amanda Yantos and Carlotta Cooper, delivers expert guidance on dog and cat care. This blog combines in-depth product reviews with practical advice to help pet owners make informed decisions. The team's diverse expertise enriches the content, making it a comprehensive resource for training, caring for, and understanding pets, aiming to improve pet welfare one post at a time.
Frequency 1 post / quarter

95. Shay's Dog Blog RSS Feed

Shay's Dog Blog   Follow RSS
Shay's Dog Blog is the blog your dog wants you to read.
Frequency 3 posts / year Since Aug 2017

96. Doglopedix RSS Feed

Doglopedix   Follow RSS
Doglopedix is a comprehensive blog founded by a team led by Samuel Uwak, designed to guide dog owners through the complexities of canine care. Covering a range of topics from training and health to product reviews, Doglopedix aims to demystify pet ownership and provide reliable, in-depth information. The site also engages in sponsored posts and product reviews, making it a versatile platform for both pet owners seeking advice and businesses looking to connect with a dedicated audience.
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97. My pet doggie RSS Feed

My pet doggie   Follow RSS
My Pet Doggie is a blog that talks about dog training tips & tricks and various pet parenting techniques to make your dog happy & healthy.
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98. Sit Drop Stay | Dog Behaviour and Training RSS Feed

Sit Drop Stay | Dog Behaviour and Training   Follow RSS
Sit Drop Stay was created in 2005 by Director and Head Trainer, George Lygidakis. George established the business in response to an urgent need to improve the quality of dog training and to broaden the knowledge about of dog behaviour that is available to the Australian public.
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99. Dogs care 4u RSS Feed

Dogs care 4u   Follow RSS
On dogs care 4 u you will know about dogs food, dogs safety, dogs health, dogs breeds and which types of food is healthy for dogs.
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100. Ohmydogsdiet RSS Feed

Ohmydogsdiet   Follow RSS
We provide various dog care related articles and we will excite you with the modern-day dog food fusion and dog head-to-tail grooming possibilities. We are a natural dog enthusiast, the goal is to help dog owners to care better and understand their beloved pet companions.
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101. Dog Corner RSS Feed

Dog Corner   Follow RSS
Dog Corner is a thorough blog created by Marc, an ex-filmmaker turned blogger and dog behavior researcher, who is passionate about enhancing the lives of dogs and their owners. Along with Bojan, a fellow blogger and dog owner, Marc offers a wealth of practical advice and innovative solutions for dog care, aiming to support dog owners in their journey. The blog's content spans across helpful tips, health advice, and engaging community interactions, reflecting Marc's deep commitment to improving pet care through his posts.
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102. American Doodle Registry RSS Feed

American Doodle Registry   Follow RSS
American Doodle Registry INC. is a place where poodle designer breeders can create an account for free to advertise their poodle designer puppies.
Frequency 3 posts / year

103. Dog Ownership Guide RSS Feed

Dog Ownership Guide   Follow RSS
Dog Ownership Guide, created and authored by Marcie, a seasoned dog owner, is a comprehensive resource for dog enthusiasts seeking to enhance their understanding and care of their canine companions. Marcie's firsthand experience with diverse breeds and challenging behaviors infuses the blog with practical advice and heartfelt stories aimed at fostering happy and healthy dog-owner relationships. With a philosophy that 'Happy Dogs lead to Happy Owners,' the site offers insights on behavior, training, health, and more, all designed to create a vibrant community of informed and engaged dog lovers.
Facebook Followers 587Twitter Followers 110Instagram Followers 114 Frequency 9 posts / month

104. The Modern Dog Trainer RSS Feed

The Modern Dog Trainer   Follow RSS
The Modern Dog Trainer blog, spearheaded by Ines McNeil, offers invaluable insights for aspiring and established dog trainers aiming to enhance their business acumen and training skills. Ines, an experienced trainer and entrepreneur, utilizes her extensive knowledge in biology and professional dog training to create content that educates on modern, ethical training practices and business strategies that resonate within the dog training community. The blog serves as a platform for sharing innovative ideas and fostering a network of professionals committed to the welfare and effective training of dogs.
Facebook Followers 5.7KTwitter Followers 1.4KInstagram Followers 3.3K Frequency 2 posts / year

105. Dog Come Wag Along RSS Feed

Dog Come Wag Along   Follow RSS
Come Wag Along, a lively and heartwarming blog created by Kia Chambers, shares the joys and challenges of integrating family life with pet ownership. Starting as a platform to document her life as a new dog mom, Kia's blog has expanded to cover her experiences with three children, emphasizing the impact of pets on family dynamics. Based in North Carolina, Kia infuses her posts with humor and useful tips, aiming to inspire and educate other families about the joys of having dogs. The blog also features her family vlogs, further engaging her audience with her daily life and adventures.
Facebook Followers 2.6KTwitter Followers 4.2KInstagram Followers 114 Frequency 2 posts / year

106. Woof Republic RSS Feed

Woof Republic   Follow RSS
Woof Republic is a vibrant blog founded by Lauren Farricker, a passionate pet owner and former professional pet service provider from Seattle, now residing in LA. The blog is a treasure trove of resources for dog lovers, covering topics from pet care to lifestyle tips, aimed at making life with your furry friend happy and healthy. Lauren's firsthand experience and dedication to providing trusted advice form the backbone of Woof Republic, making it a go-to platform for dog owners looking for reliable information
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107. House that Barks RSS Feed

House that Barks   Follow RSS
'House That Barks' is a lively dog blog by Jacque, the self-described ultimate dog mom, sharing her journey with her Goldendoodle Ruby and Labrador Retriever Callie. The blog covers Jacque's adventures and offers insights on dog care, complete with homemade treat recipes and tips for fellow dog lovers. With a heartfelt and humorous tone, Jacque brings her readers into her world filled with canine chaos, love, and the daily delights of dog ownership.
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108. Campfire Treats | Campfire Tales RSS Feed

Campfire Treats | Campfire Tales   Follow RSS
The Campfire Tales blog by Campfire Treats is a testament to the founders, Stevie and Marko Wittich's commitment to providing high-quality, all-natural dog treats and chews. Established after discovering the low-quality ingredients in common pet foods, their blog complements their mission by offering insights into pet health, ethical sourcing, and sustainable practices. Their hands-on approach in their California-based facility reflects their dedication to freshness and quality, directly benefiting pets and their owners.
Facebook Followers 3.7KTwitter Followers 131Instagram Followers 12K Frequency 1 post / quarter

109. Elegant Furball Blog RSS Feed

Elegant Furball Blog   Follow RSS
Get pet pet care news, tips, pet product advices and more on the blog. Elegant Furball is a free resource providing research information on pets and pet products. The main motive of the elegant furball is to provide accurate information and reviews to pet owners that need it the most.
Twitter Followers 1 Frequency 1 post / quarter

110. The Rover Dog Blog RSS Feed

The Rover Dog Blog   Follow RSS
The Rover Dog Blog is a blog about the health and well-being of your dog. The purpose of this site is to give you all the information you need to take good care of your dog daily. You can find advice on dog nutrition, education and health. The goal is to give you advice and tips on how to live better with your pooch and ensure his well-being.
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111. Dogtra RSS Feed

Dogtra   Follow RSS
Training Collars For Hunting Dogs Train your pet with a remote dog training collar from Dogtra. Our electronic dog hunting & bark collars are equipped with highly-effective technology.
Frequency 13 posts / month

112. Seattle DogSpot RSS Feed

Seattle DogSpot   Follow RSS
Seattle DogSpot is a locally focused website that is the most comprehensive resource and online community for all things dog in Seattle.
Facebook Followers 13.5KTwitter Followers 3.3KInstagram Followers 2.2K Frequency 2 posts / year

113. Ally Paws RSS Feed

Ally Paws   Follow RSS
Ally Paws produces thoroughly researched articles, reviews, and guides that will be useful for all dog owners. We hope you find resources supporting your everyday life as a dog owner and your pups' well-being. Our goal is to provide information to enable you to meet your daily needs as a dog owner so that you and your dog can live a happy and more fulfilling life.
Frequency 15 posts / year

114. The DogHood Blog RSS Feed

The DogHood Blog   Follow RSS
The DogHood endeavors to instantly plug you into a warm, caring community that will better prepare you for an amazing journey with your dog. The DogHood is building customer-centric platforms that will connect you to the local & global dog community & create a support system to help you take care of your Dog Training

115. D&B Blog RSS Feed

D&B Blog   Follow RSS
Welcome to our blog page, the ultimate destination for dog lovers! Here, you'll find our featured post showcasing a must-read story, expert advice, or an inspiring canine tale. Our latest posts are packed with pawsome tips, heartwarming stories, and valuable insights to help you and your furry friend live your best lives together.
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116. TopDogSpace RSS Feed

TopDogSpace   Follow RSS
Dig into the TopDogSpace blog for articles that are packed with useful information, tips, and tricks to help you take the best care of your furry friend. Unlike quick blog posts, our Pawsome articles are slightly longer reads, allowing us to go more in-depth and provide you with even more valuable insights on Pawticular topics.
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117. The Pawesome Post RSS Feed

The Pawesome Post   Follow RSS
The Pawesome Post is your go-to source for all things pet-related. From informative articles to heartwarming stories, we've got everything you need to keep your furry friends happy and healthy.
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118. Ruff Stuffs RSS Feed

Ruff Stuffs   Follow RSS
Hello, human friends! My name is Foxy, and I'm the spirit behind Ruff Stuffs. I'm here to bark the tales of some of the most heroic hounds the world has ever seen. Ruff Stuffs is a bark out to all the courageous canines out there. Just like me, these dogs faced adversities, overcame obstacles, and emerged victorious. This platform is dedicated to honoring and celebrating the unwavering spirit of dogs who have proven to be tougher than the ruff-est stuff.
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119. Love and Dogs Blog RSS Feed

 Love and Dogs Blog   Follow RSS
LoveandDogs is the perfect blog for dog lovers, providing the latest news, tips, and a community of like-minded individuals who share a deep love and appreciation for dogs. But LoveandDogs is more than just a blog - it's a community of like-minded individuals who share a deep love and appreciation for dogs. We encourage our readers to get involved, share their own stories, and connect with other dog lovers from around the world.
Instagram Followers 827 Frequency 11 posts / year

120. Cavacoco RSS Feed

Cavacoco   Follow RSS
Cavacoco is your one-stop destination for everything related to man's best friend. Their team of experts has curated an extensive library of articles, all geared towards ensuring your dog's well-being. From puppy care and nutrition to grooming and exercise routines, you are covered. Dive right into the world of canine excellence!
Frequency 2 posts / quarter

121. Pawsome Dog Care RSS Feed

Pawsome Dog Care   Follow RSS
Pets bring joy, love, and companionship to our lives. As responsible pet owners, it's our duty to provide them with the care they deserve. At our service, we go above and beyond to ensure that your furry friend receives the best care possible. Because to us, it's not just a job - it's a passion for providing the love and attention your pet deserves.
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122. Synoptek RSS Feed

Synoptek   Follow RSS
Synoptek offers an information technology perspective on specific industry topics, and a library of resources including data sheets, in its blog, whitepapers, and more. Learn more with Synoptek today. Synoptek is a global systems integrator and managed IT services provider, offering comprehensive IT management and consultancy services to organizations worldwide.
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123. Angel Dog RSS Feed

Angel Dog   Follow RSS
Angel Dog Diary or My Life and Adventures in Doggy Heaven by Flurry D. Dog.
Frequency 1 post / quarter

124. Labrador Training HQ | Everything Labrador Retriever RSS Feed

Labrador Training HQ | Everything Labrador Retriever   Follow RSS
Follow for Labrador obedience training, house training, crate training, health and everything you need to know to live with and care for Labradors and lab puppies.
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125. Barking Royalty RSS Feed

Barking Royalty   Follow RSS
Barking Royalty is the leading blog that provides tips and info about your dog's health, nutrition, care and obedience and a place to get advice from other dog lovers.
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126. Puplore RSS Feed

Puplore   Follow RSS
Welcome to Puplore! We are avid dog lovers just like YOU and believe dogs should be fed just as well as we are. We want to make it easy for you to cut through all the choices and find a good food for your dog.
Twitter Followers 1 Frequency 4 posts / year

127. Puplore RSS Feed

Puplore   Follow RSS
Covers articles on dog breed info, food, diet and nutrition, care, dog training and gear guides. Puplore obsessively covers the best dog breed information, best dog foods, tips, and guides, for dog lovers, by experienced dog owners.
Twitter Followers 1 Frequency 4 posts / year

128. Petside | Dogs RSS Feed

Petside | Dogs   Follow RSS
Searching for the best accessories, training equipment, and pet food supplies to keep your dog happy and healthy? Then look no further than Petside. Here you'll find fun facts alongside comprehensive and informative health and buying guides. Whether you're searching for supplements, dog collars, training crates, or want to discover more about a particular breed of dog, our experts have spent hours researching and testing the best products for your four-legged friend. Go ahead and check out our recommendations.
Facebook Followers 562

129. Little Dog Tips RSS Feed

Little Dog Tips   Follow RSS
'Little Dog Tips' is an engaging and informative blog tailored specifically for small dog owners, created and maintained by Lindsay Pevny. The blog is a treasure trove of actionable, science-based training and care tips designed to help pet parents make the best choices for their furry companions. Lindsay uses her experience as a dog mom to Matilda and Cow to provide insightful pet product reviews and fun, educational posts about dog behavior, training, and health. She also contributes to the pet industry through her pet copywriting business, aiming to ensure that the best pet products and services get noticed online. The blog is rich with personal anecdotes and expert advice, making it a go-to resource for anyone looking to enhance their small dog's life​.
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By Large Dog Owners, For Large Dog Owners The web's best source for large breed reviews, tips, and advice.
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 I Love My Chi   Follow RSS
This page is for Chihuahua lovers to share their Chi babies photos, stories, problems, questions and lives with others who love this breed.
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132. Devoted To Dogs RSS Feed

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In this website, Coral Drake shares the knowledge she has gained, both from hands-on experiences with dogs and from ongoing research. There is a lot of information available about how best to feed, train, groom, and walk your dog. It is so easy to become confused about the best way to do every little thing, especially if you have a new puppy or your dog is having behavioural issues.
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133. Dog Mom Days Blog RSS Feed

Dog Mom Days Blog   Follow RSS
Travels, treats, and teachings by a dedicated dog mom. Amanda is the founder and she is the mom of the most amazing rescue dog and PetSmart model, Wynston. At Dog Mom Days, they focus on Travel, Dog mom life and Dog-friendly places around the USA.
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134. Dog Star Daily - The Dog Blog RSS Feed

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At we provide easy & effective dog training & behavior info for dog lovers. Education keeps dogs out of shelters & happily in homes.
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A blog related to dog breed information. Here you will know about the different breeds of dog, dog health. dog tips, and much more about dogs.

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Dog Owner   Follow RSS
At Dog Owner, we are all about helping owners take the best possible care of their pets. Expertly researched to save you hours of online research, it's the perfect place to not only learn valuable information about dog ownership but also find them a great treat for being such a good pup.
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Breeding Business   Follow RSS
Featuring dog health, dog nutrition and diets, dog breeding and puppy care, canine pregnancy, kennel marketing, and reviews of the best breeding and grooming supplies, toys, and cleaning products. Breeding Business is a platform dedicated to ethical dog breeding around the world.
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Your resource about everything poodle related - from poodle facts to poodle training and grooming, we cover it all. My name is Mark, and I'm a great fan of the poodle breed with all its shapes and sizes. I've been fortunate enough to grow up with a poodle by my side, which taught me more about life and love than I did her.
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We are the best platform to provide your dog with the best food and health advice. As a dog parent, it's your job to care for your dog and provide them with lots of food and water. may be a resource for dog folks desperate to ensure that they provide their dog with the most uncomplicated care.
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Covers articles related to dog health, behavior, feeding and breeds. The Daily Paw is a group of pet-loving parents that want to share their love for animals with you!
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Happy-Go-Doodle® is the friendliest online publication for Doodle dog enthusiasts. Inspired by one happy-go-lucky family dog named Chloe, the mission is to celebrate and nurture the bond between Goldendoodles (and Doodly mixes) and the pet parents who love them.
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iPupster is place where dog lovers can come together to celebrate our furry BFFs, share funny dog stories, swap reviews to become better dog parents.
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Guiding your journey of raising, training, and caring for a large or giant breed dog. From feeding and training to dog nail trimming, Big Dog Mom is here. Stephanie is the founder of Big Dog Mom and she serves large breed and giant breed dogs by empowering, educating, and inspiring the people who love them.
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Lindsay Stordahl is the owner of, a dog blog about dog training, dog exercise, dog adoption and more.
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My Brown Newfies   Follow RSS
Blog posts on pet grooming, lifestyle and health. My Brown Newfies is a personal blog by Jen which is about her 2 Newfies Sherman and Leroy and the good times that they have together.
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Pets Gyan Pets are our family. We provide all essential information which are useful to know your pet in a better way because healthy pets are happy pets.

147. Sporty Dog Walker RSS Feed

Sporty Dog Walker   Follow RSS
We wish to open up our story to help you identify with our love for dogs and what they mean to those who care so much for them - those who walk, feed, groom, train and watch after them as owners or hired helpers.

148. MyDogLikes RSS Feed

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Visit MyDogLikes for the most comprehensive dog product reviews online. Also make sure to check out our guides to dog friendly towns, parks, and events!
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The iClean Dog Wash is the most advanced Dog Wash in the world. If you are a dog owner, read about the interesting things about the cuddly pet. All that iClean Dog Wash wants is to bring you closer to your pet.
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150. Aurora Pets | Designer apparel and luxury accessories for dogs RSS Feed

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Enter AuroraPets to see the latest collections of luxury dog accessories and designer apparel from the best international designers. Our luxury pet shop collections incl dog beds, dog coats, dog collars, dog leads, dog grooming & the best designer dog clothes in the UK.
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This page is about dog leads and harnesses and other dog equipment to teach your dog new tricks especially to stop pulling
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152. Pupster Passion USA RSS Feed

Pupster Passion USA   Follow RSS
This site is all about dogs. About how awesome they are and how to take care of them. With money and time-saving ideas. Written by dog owners for dog owners.
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Subscribe to this blog for all things Dog.
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Best Buddy Dog Products is a company formed by dog trainers and our blog is typed by dog trainers. You can rest assured we aren't just 'dog people', we are certified professional dog trainers that own and operate a full time dog training company! We have you and your best buddy's best interest in mind when we start recommending a product.
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The Trail Mutt Reports   Follow RSS
Dogs in the snow.
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Foster Dogs   Follow RSS
Connecting homeless dogs with people who want to help! Your one-stop-shop for foster advice, available dogs, and helpful dog links in the NYC area.
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Keep up with articles from Perfect Cocker Spaniel.
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Keep up with articles related to dog stories, training and health tips, videos, photos, news by following this feed. Talent Hounds started as a documentary TV series exploring the history of dogs, how their talents have evolved and the many ways that they enrich our lives.
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Dogs Only Club   Follow RSS
Dogs are our most faithful friends, who can not be perceived as a toy. We write about how to choose, grow, and spend time with your dog.
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160. My Dear Whippet Blog RSS Feed

My Dear Whippet Blog   Follow RSS
Covers articles about experiences with Misty the Whippet and offers help & guidance for potential / new owners. If you're considering a whippet as your new co-habitant, you can find out more about this special canine companion at My Dear Whippet.
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Follow the crazy adventures of everyday life with two greyhounds enjoying retirement and two German Shepherds who are along for the ride.
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For the Dog Lovers. Discover more interesting facts to enjoy with your loved ones . Visit to find a to z solution.
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163. Doggies in Town RSS Feed

Doggies in Town   Follow RSS
Doggies in Town is helping doggie families from around the world build closer bonds with their dogs! Our mission is to bring everyday smiles to the lives of dogs and dog owners by offering the best range of dog friendly places, activities, events, products and services.
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164. The Doggy Dream Team Dog Blog RSS Feed

The Doggy Dream Team Dog Blog   Follow RSS
A dog blog that gives informative advice for dog owners & dog lovers. Health, training, tips and reviews on products and pet parent life. Join our Community.
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JollyMutt   Follow RSS
Nothing but dog love here. Lessons learned from 20+ years rescuing dogs. Here you will find advice, training, health, behavior, reviews, breed information, and more.
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Dog Training Basics   Follow RSS
Home to dog-lovers from around the world. You'll find everything you need to know about dog and puppy training for free.
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167. Dog Training Blogger RSS Feed

Dog Training Blogger   Follow RSS
Wayne Booth created this blog site to give you information on dog training, behavior and health. This blog was started for his dog training clients and has grown to a blog for dog owners and trainers all over the world.
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168. Susquehanna Service Dogs RSS Feed

Susquehanna Service Dogs susquehannaservicedogs.blogs..   Follow RSS
Susquehanna Service Dogs raises and trains service dogs to support individuals with disabilities to live more independent lives in the community.
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169. ThatLady Shop RSS Feed

ThatLady Shop   Follow RSS
A Dog Blog. Includes local dog park reviews and insights, in Alberta, Canada. Opinion pieces on dog owner life from a crazy dog lady who loves her creamy Golden Retriever named Betty White a little too much.
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170. Dog Whoa RSS Feed

Dog Whoa   Follow RSS
Dog Whoa is all about Dogs!! Get tips, tricks, videos, dog food recipes, pet care, and more. Follow to get updates.
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171. Home Sweet Pups RSS Feed

Home Sweet Pups   Follow RSS
Essential Tips That Every Dog Owner Needs. 'We owe it to them'
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172. Best Dog Life RSS Feed

Best Dog Life   Follow RSS
Helping dog owners live the best dog life by providing tips and advice on dog care, health, adventure and more.
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173. Can I Give My Dog RSS Feed

Can I Give My Dog   Follow RSS
Food, Medicines, Diseases and Other Common Concerns About Dogs.
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174. Carma Poodale RSS Feed

Carma Poodale   Follow RSS
Life of a standard poodle who discusses a variety of topics some are of pet product reviews, traveling, and being a service dog.
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175. The Teacup Dogs RSS Feed

The Teacup Dogs   Follow RSS is the only platform that will give you each and every piece of information regarding small dog breeds. We have established this dog as per public demand and working on it accordingly. is nicely designed for pet lovers and those who want to fulfill their small pet's urges. In this blog, you may explore different kinds of teacup breeds. Additionally, we will guide our visitors that what to serve to a small friend? How to groom and will also explore different kinds of ways to keep your dog healthy.
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176. Dog Lovers Express RSS Feed

Dog Lovers Express   Follow RSS
A dog blog for new dog owners & experienced dog owners that give them general advice, tips, and product recommendations.
Since Mar 2021

177. The Family Pack RSS Feed

The Family Pack   Follow RSS
The reason for starting is simple, my dogs have always been a big part of my life, I have learned so much about all of them that it just makes sense to share the hands-on knowledge that I have because life and all things living are rarely textbook.
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178. The Krazy Dog RSS Feed

The Krazy Dog   Follow RSS
Welcome to The Krazy Dog! The site where you will get any-dog related information you require. We inform our readers about the best dog-products and foods in the market. Our blogs will help you make informed decisions and make your life a touch by reviewing dog health supplements.
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179. Our Pooches RSS Feed

Our Pooches   Follow RSS
A fun and educational resource for dog lovers! Providing tips on holistic dog care, dog training, DIY dog houses, dog food recipes, and inspiring stories about bonding with your dog.
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180. Technobark | Reviews of High Tech Products for Dogs RSS Feed

Technobark | Reviews of High Tech Products for Dogs   Follow RSS
Technobark is online magazine that providing reviews of high tech products for dogs. Find Up-to-date news with a detailed description of new devices in safety, health, communication, fun and comfort categories. What is the best anti-barking device? Which GPS tracking collar should you choose? Read our reviews and make a decision.
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181. Puppy Tales RSS Feed

Puppy Tales   Follow RSS
Puppy Tales is the perfect place to find articles about caring for and enjoying life with your dog. From cute photos to useful products, we'll make sure you and your dog get the most out of being together!
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182. Dog Diary RSS Feed

Dog Diary   Follow RSS
Surf Dog Diaries is a dog blog and animal adventure channel, featuring real life stories about the ride of life with a dog. An online community where dogs and dog people meet up. Real surf dogs report real time, with surf dog mom Barb Ayers.
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183. CommuniCanine Blog RSS Feed

CommuniCanine Blog   Follow RSS
CommuniCanine offers group dog training classes, dog training classes and lessons and private lessons on the Saanich Peninsula, led by Darcie Jennings and her staff. Advice, expertise, recipes and much more can be found on the blog.
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184. Paws for Reaction RSS Feed

Paws for Reaction   Follow RSS
Welcome to the Paws For Reaction, a pets, environment and lifestyle blog that is a voice for the voiceless. I'm passionate about pet care and nutrition, green and sustainable living, animal welfare, crafting, reading, cooking and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I'm always on the hunt for the best eco-friendly products and fun events!
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185. Be Dog Wise RSS Feed

Be Dog Wise   Follow RSS
Dog Lovers, you have found your home on the big wide web. Come and join me and immerse yourself in everything dawg. Make a cuppa, put your feet up, and let's talk dog.
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186. Canine Owners RSS Feed

Canine Owners   Follow RSS
At we consider all dogs as family. We love to share information regarding dog care with all of our followers. We discuss a variety of dog-related topics on our blog including dog foods, dog toys, dog care, dog health, etc.
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187. adopt and save cute dog RSS Feed

adopt and save cute dog   Follow RSS
The Bark is the first dog magazine to tap into the exploding phenomena of dog culture and lifestyle, focusing on the growing bond between individuals and their pet companions.
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188. Go Pup! | Helping Raise Dogs RSS Feed

Go Pup! | Helping Raise Dogs   Follow RSS
Wileypup's team of Professional Dog Trainers & Veterinarian Advisers provide all the info you need for a confident canine.
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189. Heart Like a Dog RSS Feed

Heart Like a Dog   Follow RSS
Articles on living, loving and learning with dogs.
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190. Rove Pet Services RSS Feed

Rove Pet Services   Follow RSS
We aim to provide quality pet services to the local area of Basildon and Billericay. Please feel to contact us! We'd be happy to discuss you and your pets needs.
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191. Doggyz Care RSS Feed

Doggyz Care   Follow RSS
Doggyz Care is all about dogs. Learn tips and tricks at Doggyz Care which will help you to train your dog fast and make it obedient. Love your dogs and follow your passion.
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192. This Blog Barks RSS Feed

This Blog Barks   Follow RSS
I am Beatriz and besides running this blog, I am also a freelance content writer for hire. On this website, I hope you find all sorts of useful info about how to easily care for your dog from tips, tricks, and even product reviews. If you are as passionate about dogs as I am, I am sure you'll love spending some time browsing my blog posts.
Since May 2020

193. Love Toy Dogs RSS Feed

Love Toy Dogs   Follow RSS
I've had dogs my whole life. Little dogs to big dogs. I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was young, but my life path took me another way. I want to help all dogs less fortunate to have a great family and loving home. My mission and goal is to continue to raise money for shelters. My dream is that all the shelters and rescue groups will someday close because there is no longer a need for them.
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194. 5m Dogbreak RSS Feed

5m Dogbreak   Follow RSS
5-minute dog-break is your quick stop for everything dog-related. Owning dogs is fun, and we believe learning about them should be too. On this blog, we're dedicated to bringing you the most entertaining and wholesome content on dogs. From the latest information on dog care and training to the best dogs for your lifestyle needs, we're bringing you all the juiciest details.
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195. Doggy Blog RSS Feed

Doggy Blog   Follow RSS
Best blog for dog information. Here you'll find the best videos, stories, pictures, and memes about dogs! Follow to get updates.
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196. dogfluential RSS Feed

dogfluential   Follow RSS
Dogs are life. Whether you are a dog blogger, dogfluencer, or have another dog job, my bet is that you looking for ways to grow with your dog. Dogfluential is for the community of dog lovers out there who adore their dogs more than anything else so much that they are making dogs their job. Sharing dog-hacks, life tips, advice, and recommendations is one of the biggest forms of connection within this little community.

197. Dogsums RSS Feed

Dogsums   Follow RSS
Want to need know everything for your dog? Then you are at the right spot on! We provide you with the best tips and information on how to keep your dog happy, because that is what it's all about.

198. Inquisitive Canine, Santa Barbara | Dog Training & Behavior, Puppy Obedience Courses RSS Feed

Inquisitive Canine, Santa Barbara | Dog Training & Behavior, Puppy Obedience Courses   Follow RSS
The Inquisitive Canine offers private dog training and obedience classes with professional dog trainer Joan Mayer in Santa Barbara, Ca. Read the Inquisitive Canine blog for free dog training advice and tips and to learn about different dog behavior traits and positive training techniques.
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199. Fanny's Clicker Dog Blog RSS Feed

Fanny's Clicker Dog Blog   Follow RSS
I'm a dog trainer from Sweden. My goal is to help you get great results in obedience, agility or other dog sports; using reward based training and having lots of fun with your dog.
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200. All Dog Info RSS Feed

All Dog Info   Follow RSS
In this website, we focus to provide more info about DOG breed's and do's and don'ts with DOG behavior, etc.
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Stylish, functional accessories for design-loving dogs and their parents. Your daily dose of dogs and design. Born in GRRReat Britain.
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202. The Daily Corgi RSS Feed

The Daily Corgi   Follow RSS
A new Corgi story every weekday, heaping helpings of video biscuits and extra fun photos, featured adoptables, occasional special and topical features, plus information on fundraisers to benefit needy Corgis. Corgi ON!
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203. Big Dogs Planet RSS Feed

Big Dogs Planet   Follow RSS
For the most part, it appears Big Dogs are ignored in favor of their smaller counterparts, therefore Big Dogs Planet was created to offer solutions to people who own and love large dog breeds worldwide.

204. My Dog Facts RSS Feed

My Dog Facts   Follow RSS
Check out these fascinating dog facts - Amazing facts about dogs to better understand the life of puppies.
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205. Tenacious Little Terrier RSS Feed

Tenacious Little Terrier   Follow RSS
Seven-year-old Yorkie/Maltese. Therapy Dog. Hiker. Lover of squirrels and meat. Trick dog. Chief blog dog. #smalldogblog
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206. The Wholesome Hound RSS Feed

The Wholesome Hound   Follow RSS
The Wholesome Hound is the ultimate lifestyle blog for the discerning dog owner. Reviews, recommendations, recipes, tips, and those dog stories that make us feel all fuzzy inside
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207. Pawsitively Jack RSS Feed

Pawsitively Jack   Follow RSS
Gather around with your humans, your pets and all your life's comforts as I share my thoughts through digital time and space.
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208. Castor and Pollux JRT RSS Feed

Castor and Pollux JRT   Follow RSS
Welcome to Castor and Pollux JRT (Jack Russel Terriers). This is their official website where you can follow our adventures and read useful product reviews.
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209. Quola's Quest RSS Feed

Quola's Quest   Follow RSS
My Name Is Gaynor Goodchild, I Am 55 And I Live In Bournemouth In Dorset, England. I Have Written Two Memoir's, One Little Speck And Fifty But Whos Counting? Which Details Are Available On This Website. I Am Currently In The Process Of Completing My Third Memoir Called Quola's Quest.

210. Godly Dogs RSS Feed

Godly Dogs   Follow RSS
A comprehensive & resourceful infotainment website, dedicated to dogs and dog people. This is your one-stop destination for everything canine!
Frequency 10 posts / year

211. Trek N Stay RSS Feed

Trek N Stay   Follow RSS
We will share the best and simple ways to care for your pet including dogs, cats, and birds. Except for pet care, we will also deal with pet clothing and in pet wears fileld our main focus will be dog dresses.

212. Her Dog Blog RSS Feed

Her Dog Blog   Follow RSS
Her Dog Blog seeks to find dog products that are innovative, healthy, and fun for both you and your dog.

213. Be That Dog! RSS Feed

Be That Dog!   Follow RSS
Welcome to Be That Dog! the site dedicated to a dog's eye view on the life, behaviour, everything! Join us on our adventures and experiences, and maybe for a bit of dog wisdom along the way on behaviour, learning, and happiness. It's a dog's life, so a dog should tell it.
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214. bestdogncat RSS Feed

bestdogncat   Follow RSS
Get all the knowledge for petting your dog and cat how to cure and precaution to be taken to keep your pet healhy and active
Instagram Followers 1K

215. LivanoPet | Dog supplements developed in Germany and made in USA RSS Feed

LivanoPet | Dog supplements developed in Germany and made in USA   Follow RSS
We understand the importance of dog health and right supplement they need for healthy living. Your Best Friend's Health is Our Responsibility!
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216. Dogtra Pathfinder | GPS Tracking and Training RSS Feed

Dogtra Pathfinder | GPS Tracking and Training   Follow RSS
The Dogtra PATHFINDER, a waterproof electronic dog tracking collar with real time GPS chip, will help you to track your dogs up to 9 miles range. Learn more about the dog tracker app and the features of the mini GPS dog tracker.
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217. Lair of the Dog RSS Feed

Lair of the Dog   Follow RSS
Know a dog-friendly diner? Bowl-bedecked bistro? Pooch-friendly pub? Throw me a bone and I'll unleash the hound!

218. The doggies World RSS Feed

The doggies World   Follow RSS
My blogs give all dog breed basic information like labrador, German shepherd and many other dogs breed also. So enjoy my blogs.

219. The Farting Dog Company | The Daily Paw Blog RSS Feed

The Farting Dog Company | The Daily Paw Blog   Follow RSS
Find all the pupdates here. Your source for pet advice, reads, events, and all things dog.
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220. The Dog Foods Guide RSS Feed

The Dog Foods Guide   Follow RSS
The Dog Foods Guide provides you the best Dog Food Reviews and Tips about different things.
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221. Let The Tails Wag RSS Feed

Let The Tails Wag   Follow RSS
Read amazing rescue stories of stray dogs. Learn about Dog adoption, Support a Dog, Donate for Stray Dogs. Get involved & fight cruelty against street dogs.
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222. Life Woof Lola RSS Feed

Life Woof Lola   Follow RSS
Keep up with articles from Life Woof Lola.
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223. Taranaki Dog Trainer: Solution K9 RSS Feed

Taranaki Dog Trainer: Solution K9   Follow RSS
If you are looking for an experienced dog trainer to help you with your dog's behaviour challenges, including walking nicely on lead, mouthing and biting to toileting problems, welcome to Solution K9 Dog Training, where we help you ENJOY your dog.
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224. Dog Breeds Fact RSS Feed

Dog Breeds Fact   Follow RSS
Browse our list of popular dog breeds and find the best dog breeds for housekeeping and also Know about Dogs day care and facts.

225. Authority Dog | Dogs Lover Community RSS Feed

Authority Dog | Dogs Lover Community   Follow RSS
Happy Dogs Happy OwnersTo keep healthy and fit, your furry members of the family,our experts have spent hundreds of hours on research information and testing, to make the best recommendations.
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226. BarkBlaster - The Humane Anti-Barking Dog Trainer RSS Feed

BarkBlaster - The Humane Anti-Barking Dog Trainer   Follow RSS
The BarkBlaster Blog features dog training tips, the latest dog news, product updates, and more to help you embrace the joy of dog training and ownership.
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227. Montreal Dog Blog RSS Feed

Montreal Dog Blog   Follow RSS
It's Montreal's Official Online Dog Park! As a community of pet lovers, we may have differing opinions - but that's what helps us learn!
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228. Life With Dogs RSS Feed

Life With Dogs   Follow RSS
Life With Dogs is a world leader in dog news and entertainment. Join us for news, reviews and giveaways, fun dog and puppy videos, amazing pictures, and passionate discussion of all things dog.
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229. The Lazy Raw Feeder RSS Feed

The Lazy Raw Feeder   Follow RSS
I'm Aimee J. Crazy dog-mom who works at the dog food factory. Simple holistic dog tips for: the busy, or that sounds like a lot of work, or there is no way I can manage that with my household, kind of gal.
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230. DOGthusiast : For dog enthusiasts with active dogs RSS Feed

DOGthusiast : For dog enthusiasts with active dogs   Follow RSS
A dog blog written by Jen deHaan on active dogs, dog sports, training, behavior, products and resources for dog guardians.
Twitter Followers 4.6KInstagram Followers 11.5K

231. Dogalize RSS Feed

Dogalize   Follow RSS
The community of dogs and cats lovers! You will be able to geolocalize our four-legged friends, video-calling and chatting with your friends, searching and locating dog-friendly locations and venues such as areas for dogs, restaurants, hotels, veterinary surgeons, specialist shops and much more.
Facebook Followers 570.6KTwitter Followers 840

232. Dog Loves Point RSS Feed

Dog Loves Point   Follow RSS
As a dog lover naturally, I have strong feelings about dogs and love to research dogs and relevant topics. From an earlier age, I started to gather knowledge on keeping them safe and healthy, which one to feed and what they should avoid, and what makes their lives comfortable.
Since Jan 2021

233. Two French Bulldogs RSS Feed

Two French Bulldogs   Follow RSS
We are Lily & Edward, two French Bulldogs loving life in Southern California. We are proud volunteers at the French Bulldog Rescue Network
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234. Have Dog Can Travel | Pet Friendly Locations UK RSS Feed

Have Dog Can Travel | Pet Friendly Locations UK   Follow RSS
Have Dog Can Travel is a mobile friendly directory of dog friendly holiday accommodation in the UK; listings; reviews and recommendations
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235. Improve Dogs RSS Feed

Improve Dogs   Follow RSS
Covers articles that educates people about modern dog training methods, dog lifestyle and dog wellness guides.
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236. Mia The Pintzu RSS Feed

Mia The Pintzu   Follow RSS
Hi! I'm Mia The Pintzu. I'm a Pin Tzu mix. My dad was a Miniature Pinscher and my mom was a Shih Tzu. I love to go on walks with my people! You might also find me sitting in someone's lap because that's where I feel the safest, or snuggled up against them while they're reading or watching TV! It feels so good when they pet me too it makes me want to cuddle even more than usual!
Instagram Followers 178 Frequency 30 posts / year

237. PetoSleep RSS Feed

PetoSleep   Follow RSS
Provides information and trusted reviews, best advice that will help you to make a better decision while purchasing any stuff for your puppy, health, safety, and nutrition and the ultimate guide about everything your dog needs. PetoSleep's mission is to provide all information related to the dog, we want to be the most trusted online site for trusted reviews and expert advice which will help you to raise your dog.

238. Modern Dog Magazine RSS Feed

Modern Dog Magazine   Follow RSS
Your guide to everything dog! Get inspired with the best ideas & solutions for a life with dogs--the coolest dog beds, toys & gear, training, wellness, dog rescue, DIYs, recipes.
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239. World Of Puppies RSS Feed

World Of Puppies   Follow RSS
World Of Puppies is your dog related health, training, nutrition and entertainment website. All content is for informational purpose only. Always consult a veterinary professional for pet health issues.
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240. The Canine Chef Cookbook - Blog RSS Feed

The Canine Chef Cookbook - Blog   Follow RSS
The best healthy homemade dog treat recipes and dog food recipes with yields, calories and calories from fat. Canine nutrititional information to guide you.
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241. Bodie On The Road RSS Feed

Bodie On The Road   Follow RSS
Bodie on the Road is a charming blog about Bodie the dog and his pet parent Belinda, a British author. Currently living in the United Kingdom, Bodie and Belinda have visited 30 states in the United States and travelled across the US three times. The blog chronicles their travels as well as gives insightful tips and tricks for a successful doggie trip.
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242. Spoil My Pets | The Perfect Pet Products RSS Feed

Spoil My Pets | The Perfect Pet Products   Follow RSS
Get the best pet health advice, pet supplies recommendations, expert training tips and cute ideas for your pets.
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243. Barxie | The Daily Bark RSS Feed

Barxie | The Daily Bark   Follow RSS
Barxie is a pet care marketplace for finding, scheduling, and managing appointments of pet grooming, dog training, pet sitting/boarding, dog walking, and veterinary care, anchored by a SaaS platform for business management. Whether you have a dog or a cat we can help you find somebody to help care for them when you can't.
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244. 360dogprof RSS Feed

360dogprof   Follow RSS
This is a blog that gives information generally on dogs, ways of entertaining/Caring for them and reviews of different dog products.

245. Hello Cute Pup - For Dog Lovers RSS Feed

Hello Cute Pup - For Dog Lovers   Follow RSS
I'm Emma, a blogger at I always believe dogs are the angels God send down to earth. So, I created this blog for my cute puppies, to share everything about dogs and to help people.
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246. Kurgo Dog Products: Latest News RSS Feed

Kurgo Dog Products: Latest News   Follow RSS
Kurgo's mission is to help dogs and their owners get out and enjoy an active lifestyle together. This ambition has guided us to develop award-winning products that make this simple joy in life effortlessly fun... go together.
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247. The Zuke's Dog Blog RSS Feed

The Zuke's Dog Blog   Follow RSS
Features articles written by experts on dog training, behavior, nutrition, and health, as well as ideas for adventures to share with your furry friend. Zuke's offers natural dog treats & chews.
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248. Irresistible Pets RSS Feed

Irresistible Pets   Follow RSS
Irresistible Pets teaches pet parents how to create an irresistible life with their pets with educational DIY tutorials and inspiring content targeted to the small dog lifestyle.
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249. Ruffwear Blog | News, Events & Adventures RSS Feed

Ruffwear Blog | News, Events & Adventures   Follow RSS
Ruffwear is a preferred outdoor dog product vendor that also runs their own blog. Being an expert in outdoor gear, they have a wealth of articles on camping, hiking, and traveling the great outdoors with your pup. With regular updates, you and your pup will be expert outdoorsman in no time.
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250. Pinnacle Wood Craft RSS Feed

Pinnacle Wood Craft   Follow RSS
We provide our clients & furry friends a honorable pet casket & coffins. Our goal is to provide you a premium alternative.

251. Dog's Resources RSS Feed

Dog's Resources   Follow RSS
The best place to get high-quality advice, reviews, and information. Don't settle for less than the best when it comes to your best friend!
Since Dec 2020

252. Dog Milk: Where Dogs Meet Design RSS Feed

Dog Milk: Where Dogs Meet Design   Follow RSS
A modern dog blog founded by Jaime Derringer and managed by editor Capree Kimball. Dog Milk is a place where modern dog lovers can discover new products and sniff out what's beyond the chain pet stores. Whether an innovative pet feeder, cool dog tee, or modern dog bed, Dog Milk strives to bring you the most cutting edge and modern design for your very best friend.
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253. Pawsitively Pets | Pet Facts and Tips Blog RSS Feed

Pawsitively Pets | Pet Facts and Tips Blog   Follow RSS
A pet blog that is dedicated to pet health and pet care of animals including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, small animals, rodents, ferrets, and more.
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254. The Love of Benji RSS Feed

The Love of Benji   Follow RSS
Created for dogs, by people (and their friends). We want dogs to be as happy as they make us because people and dogs belong together. At The Love of Benji, we are a family that loves dogs and raises Australian Shepherds, along with our other livestock. Over the years we've found the products we share with you to be the best in the current marketplace based on our several different factors, but the two most important are safety, quality and making sure we get the best deal for your money.

255. Healthy Dogs Quality Products RSS Feed

Healthy Dogs Quality Products dogsupplies.topfliteaffiliat..   Follow RSS
Healthy Dogs Quality Products | Dont Settle Give Your Dog The Best.

256. Smiling Staffy RSS Feed

Smiling Staffy   Follow RSS
Smiling Staffy is the go-to information site for Staffordshire bull terrier owners. Find out how to keep your staffy healthy and smiling. We love staffies!
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257. Dog Vitamins and Supplement Reviews Blog RSS Feed

 Dog Vitamins and Supplement Reviews Blog   Follow RSS
Dogs - our best friends & part of the family, often need a vitamin or supplement to stay healthy and strong. Our reviews help you decide which is best.
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258. DogIDs - The 'How-to' Dog Blog RSS Feed

DogIDs - The 'How-to' Dog Blog   Follow RSS
DogID offers personalized dog products, personalized dog collars, dog ID tags, QR code dog collars, training tools, toys, treats, personalized dog beds, pet memorials and many other personalized dog accessories.
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259. Blog Barks! Wag The Dog UK RSS Feed

Blog Barks! Wag The Dog UK   Follow RSS
Wag The Dog UK is your source for all things dog friendly. dog care, dog home made food and treats, dog travel beds and bags, toys and books.
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260. Acme Canine RSS Feed

 Acme Canine   Follow RSS
Spike's Dog Blog by Acme Canine is your place for down to earth, proven tools and common sense dog training tips to improve your canine relationship.
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261. It's Dog or Nothing RSS Feed

It's Dog or Nothing   Follow RSS
At It's Dog or Nothing, we strive to change the world for our furry friends and their people. We bring you reviews and giveaways of the top brands, provide resources for life with a happy, healthy dog, and do it all with a Great Pyrenees twist.
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262. Dog Cancer Blog RSS Feed

Dog Cancer Blog   Follow RSS
Veterinarian focused on dog cancer treatments beyond surgery, chemo and radiation. Dog Cancer Blog provides information to help your dog fight (and even beat) cancer. Run by Demian Dressler and Susan Ettinger.
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263. Argos & Artemis RSS Feed

Argos & Artemis   Follow RSS
Argos & Artemis is a community and lifestyle brand for dog people. We believe this simple truth you are the incredible person that your dog sees in you.
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264. The Happy Puppers RSS Feed

The Happy Puppers   Follow RSS
Posts focus on dog care tips, training, psychology, puppy care, grooming, diet, diseases etc. The Happy Puppers is your one-stop destination to understand your dog better.
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265. Practical Paw RSS Feed

Practical Paw   Follow RSS
Practical Paw is for dog lovers looking for practical advice, reviews and guides
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266. | All Dog, all the time! RSS Feed | All Dog, all the time!   Follow RSS
We are the largest directory of North American dog breeders. We share informative articles, blogs, and destinations for dog lovers.
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267. Dog Shaming RSS Feed

Dog Shaming   Follow RSS
Dog owners everywhere have found their outlet in, where they can confess their dogs' biggest (and often grossest!) sins, which turn out to be recognizably universal—complete with snapshots of ridiculously cute but shamed pups who don't seem capable of humping humans, pooping on pillows, or snagging steak straight from a grill.
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268. My Sleeping Dog RSS Feed

My Sleeping Dog   Follow RSS
Covers articles to help make choosing the right dog accessories easier, product reviews, guides that they are scalable, in-depth, and informative. My Sleeping Dog is a small individual-run business that is committed to helping dog lovers get the best dog products for their best friends.

269. Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund | Wiener Dog Extraordinaire RSS Feed

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund | Wiener Dog Extraordinaire   Follow RSS
When You Like to Travel in Style you are in the right place. Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund is one of the most famous dogs around, and he has a big love of traveling. As well as traveling throughout Canada and the US, he is also visited the Caribbean Islands and Europe, soon for a second time.
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270. Just Food For Dogs RSS Feed

Just Food For Dogs   Follow RSS
We started JustFoodForDogs with one simple, primary objective - to increase the quality and length of life for as many dogs as possible. We do three things here... we make daily food for healthy dogs, prescription diets for dogs with health issues and we custom formulate nutrients and food into very specific diets for dogs with special health issues.
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271. Woof Dog RSS Feed

Woof Dog   Follow RSS
Looking for some new pet supplies, or just need an advice? Woof Dog team is here for you with detailed buyer's guides, reviews and tips from our Vet experts.
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272. Look at my dog RSS Feed

Look at my dog   Follow RSS
A dog every now and then. And sometimes a pig.
Since Oct 2018

273. RSS Feed   Follow RSS
Find tons of great free content on everything ranging from great training advice, dog health issues, and stuff guaranteed to make you laugh.
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274. Smart Dog University RSS Feed

Smart Dog University   Follow RSS
We help frustrated dogs teach their owners how to listen. Using dog-friendly positive reinforcement training, you and your dog will learn together. You'll have the best behaved dog on the block!
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275. Dog Training Nation RSS Feed

Dog Training Nation   Follow RSS
Dog Training Nation is a community of people who love dogs, own dogs and train dogs. Follow us for dog training tips!
Facebook Followers 8.8KTwitter Followers 619

276. Beagles and Bargains RSS Feed

Beagles and Bargains   Follow RSS
Survive pet parenthood without going broke with Beagles and Bargains. This blog shares the journey of becoming a first time pet parent to a Beagle and Pug mix who enjoys eating everything from peanut butter to Kindles. We explore dog friendly activities, DIY projects, and Northern Virginia. Enjoy tips, tricks, deals, and discounts plus product reviews and giveaways.
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277. Michael's Dogs - Training & Behaviour RSS Feed

Michael's Dogs - Training & Behaviour   Follow RSS
Houston / Katy, TX certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KSA) and certified dog behavior consultant (CDBC).
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278. Careofmydog RSS Feed

Careofmydog   Follow RSS
Follow Careofmydog to find in-depth dog products, food review and other important dog care instruction and tips information.

279. Heads Up For Tails RSS Feed

Heads Up For Tails   Follow RSS
Heads Up For Tails offers a wide range of products that have been carefully picked out for your precious pet. For the love of dogs! We bring to you a fabulous collection of luxury pet accessories in India, US and Singapore.
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280. Dogsee Chew RSS Feed

Dogsee Chew   Follow RSS
Read about all the helpful tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle of your dog and the type of treats you can give them, here.
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