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Houseplant RSS Feeds

Here are 100 Best Houseplant RSS Feeds you should follow in 2024

1. Guide to House Plants - Tips for Growing Plants Indoors RSS Feed

Guide to House Plants - Tips for Growing Plants Indoors   Follow RSS
House plants encyclopedia listed by common names with pictures and care tips. Plus ideas for easy-to-grow indoor house plants.
1 post / quarter

2. Ohio Tropics Houseplant RSS Feed

Ohio Tropics Houseplant Ohio, US   Follow RSS
This blog focuses on adventures in growing orchids and other tropical houseplants, as well as outdoor gardening in the Midwest with a tropical flair.
5.7K 165 189.5K 3 posts / month Mar 2017

3. Joy Us Garden » Houseplants RSS Feed

Joy Us Garden » Houseplants Tucson, Arizona, US   Follow RSS
Hi, I'm Nell, and at Joy Us Garden, I celebrate all things garden and share my passion for plants, flowers, and the great outdoors. Houseplants make o...ur homes a more welcome and happy place. They bring the outdoors in! Here is everything you need to know about our favorite houseplants at Joy Us Garden. We'll teach you how to care, propagate, and replant houseplants.more
96K 9K 6.2K 4 posts / quarter

4. BricksnBlooms » Houseplant Care RSS Feed

BricksnBlooms » Houseplant Care   Follow RSS
Bricks 'n Blooms
1 post / week

5. Royal City Nursery » Houseplant RSS Feed

Royal City Nursery » Houseplant   Follow RSS
2 posts / week

6. PlantKiss Blog RSS Feed

PlantKiss Blog   Follow RSS
1 post / month

7. Plantclub Blog RSS Feed

Plantclub Blog   Follow RSS
1.1K 1 post / month

8. Plantflix Blog RSS Feed

Plantflix Blog   Follow RSS
2.7K 75 6.3K 6 posts / year

9. Dennis' 7 Dees » Indoor Plants RSS Feed

Dennis' 7 Dees » Indoor Plants   Follow RSS
Dennis' 7 Dees provides residential and commercial landscaping services and retail garden stores for all your gardening needs throughout Oregon and so...uthwest Washington.more
2 posts / month

10. Blooming Secrets Blog » Indoor Gardening RSS Feed

Blooming Secrets Blog » Indoor Gardening   Follow RSS
29K 4K 9 posts / quarter

11. Flora Grubb Gardens » Indoor Houseplants RSS Feed

Flora Grubb Gardens » Indoor Houseplants   Follow RSS
16.4K 50.7K 1 post / year

12. Bloombox Club Blog RSS Feed

Bloombox Club Blog London, England, UK   Follow RSS
Bloombox Club Blog is a valuable resource for plant lovers seeking to bring nature indoors. The blog offers insights into houseplant care, well-being ...benefits of plants, and tips for creating harmonious plant-filled environments. Readers can expect informative articles, plant profiles, and guidance on how to choose the right plants for different living spaces. Visit the Bloombox Club Blog to enhance your plant knowledge, explore the positive impact of plants on well-being, and discover unique plant varieties for your indoor sanctuary.more
29.4K 63.2K 1 post / month

13. Tumbleweed Plant Blog RSS Feed

Tumbleweed Plant Blog   Follow RSS
1 post / month

14. Actual Botanical Blog » Houseplants RSS Feed

Actual Botanical Blog » Houseplants   Follow RSS
124 1 post / quarter

15. Nuevoly RSS Feed

Nuevoly   Follow RSS
Nuevoly is an information collective company that helps you to make your decisions wisely. Our dedicated team members are passionate about helping hom...e and decor and other information that makes your life better. Since our founding in 2023, Nuevoly has enabled lots of people around the world to make their decisions wisely.more
1 post / day

16. Leaf Envy Blog RSS Feed

Leaf Envy Blog UK   Follow RSS
Leaf Envy Blog is a platform dedicated to celebrating the beauty and benefits of indoor plants. Founded with a mission to inspire and educate plant lo...vers, the blog offers plant care guides, styling tips, and information on unique and rare plant varieties. Readers can expect to find in-depth plant profiles, troubleshooting advice, and tips for plant propagation. Visit the Leaf Envy website and blog to explore the fascinating world of indoor plants and enhance your plant parenting skills.more
8.2K 209 52.6K 3 posts / quarter

17. Homeplantsguide RSS Feed

Homeplantsguide   Follow RSS
Homeplantsguide has the best-detailed tips on growing Indoor and Outdoor Plants. Learn how to grow, care, prune, and propagate your favorite plants Here are the best-detailed tips on growing plants at home. Learn how to plant, grow, care, prune, and propagate your favorite plants.more
67 1.2K 11 posts / quarter

18. McDonald Garden Center » Houseplants RSS Feed

McDonald Garden Center » Houseplants   Follow RSS
26.2K 5.6K 2 posts / week

19. PlantPik Blog » Indoor Plants RSS Feed

PlantPik Blog » Indoor Plants   Follow RSS
2 posts / month

20. Sacred Elements Houseplant Care Blog RSS Feed

Sacred Elements Houseplant Care Blog   Follow RSS
1.2K 15.2K 1 post / quarter

21. Beginner Houseplant RSS Feed

Beginner Houseplant   Follow RSS
Welcome to Beginner Houseplant, where we're all learning together. I'm Crystal, and I have a bit of an obsession with houseplants. I currently... have over 50 houseplants. Beginner Houseplant is the ultimate houseplant blog resource! With tips and tricks for houseplant pests watering and all the info on indoor plant care.more
1.2K 152 22 posts / quarter

22. Planet Natural » Houseplants RSS Feed

Planet Natural » Houseplants   Follow RSS
407.7K 1.2K 8.6K 1 post / month

23. 136 Home » Plants RSS Feed

136 Home » Plants   Follow RSS
Home design decor and style
140K 1 post / week

24. Houseplant Homebody Blog RSS Feed

Houseplant Homebody Blog   Follow RSS
'Nobody knows their plants like a homebody' My Podcast and Blog all about PLANTS!
1 post / week

25. Garden & Houseplant Passion » Houseplants RSS Feed

Garden & Houseplant Passion » Houseplants   Follow RSS
3 posts / month

26. Jane Perrone Blog RSS Feed

Jane Perrone Blog Bedford, England, UK   Follow RSS
Jane Perrone Blog is a go-to resource for plant enthusiasts founded by horticulturist and writer Jane Perrone. With a passion for plants and gardening..., Jane shares her expertise through informative articles, plant care advice, and interviews with fellow plant lovers. Readers can expect to find a wealth of knowledge on a wide range of plant-related topics, from houseplants to outdoor gardening. Visit Jane Perrone's blog to delve into the world of plants and gain valuable insights to nurture your own green space.more
2.6K 1 post / month

27. The Botanical Bar Blog RSS Feed

The Botanical Bar Blog   Follow RSS
1.2K 5.3K 6 posts / month

28. Gardening Collective RSS Feed

Gardening Collective   Follow RSS
Hi! I'm Deborah. I am a houseplant enthusiast. This website documents my hands-on experience of being an unlikely plant parent, and everything I...39;ve learnt along the way.more
1 post / quarter

29. Happy Houseplants Blog RSS Feed

Happy Houseplants Blog London, England, UK   Follow RSS
Welcome to Happy Houseplants; we aim to create urban jungles - little spaces of calm at your home or place of work, to help you escape the stresses of... everyday life. Follow the Happy Houseplant blog, Indoor Plant Passions to find out about the latest trends, insights, and plant obsessions from some of the leading experts in houseplants.more
68.4K 1 post / month

30. The Houseplant Collective RSS Feed

The Houseplant Collective   Follow RSS
The Houseplant Coll.
2.4K 1.2K 1 post / quarter

31. Wild Interiors Blog RSS Feed

Wild Interiors Blog   Follow RSS
2.1K 9.4K 2 posts / month

32. Inside Plants Blog RSS Feed

Inside Plants Blog   Follow RSS
Indoor Plant Services
471 715 2 posts / quarter

33. The Plant Runner Blog RSS Feed

The Plant Runner Blog   Follow RSS
7.4K 40.2K 2 posts / month

34. ExecuFlora Blog RSS Feed

ExecuFlora Blog   Follow RSS
Bringing The Outdoors Indoors
6.1K 209 1.4K 1 post / month

35. We the Wild Blog RSS Feed

We the Wild Blog   Follow RSS
10.8K 28.7K 1 post / week

36. My Tasteful Space Blog RSS Feed

My Tasteful Space Blog   Follow RSS
E-Design & Interior Plant Design
1 post / week

37. West Coast Gardens Blog » House RSS Feed

West Coast Gardens Blog » House   Follow RSS
45.2K 27.6K 1 post / month

38. Treleaf Blog RSS Feed

Treleaf Blog   Follow RSS
2.3K 10.1K 1 post / month

39. The Martha Stewart Blog » Houseplants RSS Feed

The Martha Stewart Blog » Houseplants   Follow RSS
It's a blog about Martha Stewart and her daily adventures.
3.4M 4 posts / year

40. Sloat Garden Center » Houseplants RSS Feed

Sloat Garden Center » Houseplants   Follow RSS
5.8K 1.5K 10.3K 6 posts / year

41. Plant Savvy Blog RSS Feed

Plant Savvy Blog   Follow RSS
238 29.9K 1 post / month

42. Green Fresh Florals + Plant Blog RSS Feed

Green Fresh Florals + Plant Blog   Follow RSS
3 posts / quarter

43. OurHouseplants RSS Feed

OurHouseplants   Follow RSS
OurHouseplants website helps anyone looking for success with indoor gardening or help to get their houseplants to thrive. With full guides and information about the most popular indoor plants, from the beginner to the more experienced, there's something for everyone.more
2.6K 994 2 posts / week

44. Monstera Plant Resource Blog RSS Feed

Monstera Plant Resource Blog   Follow RSS
1.5K 2.6K 1 post / quarter

45. Houseplant Therapy Blog RSS Feed

Houseplant Therapy Blog   Follow RSS
Houseplant Therapy
2.2K 2 posts / quarter

46. Early May Garden Centers Blog » Houseplants RSS Feed

Early May Garden Centers Blog » Houseplants   Follow RSS
9 posts / quarter

47. Riza Plants Blog RSS Feed

Riza Plants Blog   Follow RSS
776 10.1K 1 post / week

48. Mulhall's Blog » Houseplants RSS Feed

Mulhall's Blog » Houseplants   Follow RSS
Cultivating the beautiful in Omaha, Nebraska
37.8K 1.7K 43.2K 3 posts / month

49. Plant In The Box Blog RSS Feed

Plant In The Box Blog   Follow RSS
103 22 1 post / quarter

50. House Beautiful » Gardening RSS Feed

House Beautiful » Gardening   Follow RSS
7M 635.1K 3.3M 9 posts / month

51. PlantIn Blog » Houseplant RSS Feed

PlantIn Blog » Houseplant   Follow RSS
72.1K 672.8K 6 posts / month

52. Pot & Bloom Blog RSS Feed

Pot & Bloom Blog   Follow RSS
1.1K 10.1K 15 posts / year

53. Pretty in Green Houseplant Blog RSS Feed

Pretty in Green Houseplant Blog   Follow RSS
1 post / quarter

54. CleverBloom Blog RSS Feed

CleverBloom Blog   Follow RSS
Plant Care - DIY - Decor
3 posts / month

55. Houseplant UK Blog RSS Feed

Houseplant UK Blog Paignton,England, UK   Follow RSS
Houseplant UK Blog is a go-to resource for plant lovers in the UK. The blog offers a wealth of information on houseplants, including care guides, tips, and advice on choosing the right plants for your home. Founded with a mission to inspire and educate, Houseplant UK Blog aims to help readers create thriving indoor gardens and foster a deeper connection with nature. Visit their website and blog to explore a wide variety of houseplants and discover expert tips for keeping them healthy and happy.more
3.5K 2.8K 4 posts / quarter

56. Platt Hill Nursery » Houseplants RSS Feed

Platt Hill Nursery » Houseplants   Follow RSS
1 post / month

57. Blog | Picturtop RSS Feed

Blog | Picturtop   Follow RSS
Welcome to Picturtop, your ultimate destination for indoor plants in Dubai! We're passionate about bringing nature indoors and transforming living... spaces into green havens. With a focus on quality, expertise, and customer satisfaction, we aim to inspire and empower plant enthusiasts across Dubai.more
3 posts / week

58. Epic Gardening | Houseplants RSS Feed

Epic Gardening | Houseplants San Diego, California, US   Follow RSS
Learn how to grow anything, no matter where you live. The mission of Epic Gardening is to spread urban agriculture and innovative growing solutions th...rough neighborhoods, cities and towns nationwide. more
433.1K 34.7K 1 post / day Feb 2017

59. Houseplant Resource Center RSS Feed

Houseplant Resource Center   Follow RSS
If you're not sure exactly how to care for your Jericho Rose plant or any houseplant, we're here to help! We provide articles on pruning, propagation,... fertilizing and helpful tips for growing strong & healthy plants.more
630 924 4 posts / quarter

60. Bros with Hoes Plant Co. Blog RSS Feed

Bros with Hoes Plant Co. Blog Orlando, Florida, US   Follow RSS
Read your daily dose of plantspirtation, care tips and a look at what's growing in the greenhouse on Bros with Hoes Plant Co.
18.3K 133.2K 1 post / week

61. House Plant Journal RSS Feed

House Plant Journal Toronto, Ontario, Canada   Follow RSS
Hi, I'm Darryl, the creator of the House Plant Journal. House Plant Journal is an engineer's approach to house plants uncovering the true joys... of houseplants with more science and realistic expectations. This blog is about the basics of responsible plant parenthood. I want to help you enjoy healthy, thriving plants for the long term (years). A green thumb isn't about luck but about being observant and knowing how Mother Nature takes care of her house plants - all plants!more
194K 1K 625.6K 1 post / quarter

62. Urban Jungle Bloggers RSS Feed

Urban Jungle Bloggers   Follow RSS
Urban Jungle Bloggers is all about living with plants in your home, in other interiors, in public spaces.
161.5K 5.1K 1.2M 2 posts / quarter

63. LEAF n JOY RSS Feed

LEAF n JOY   Follow RSS
Find tips and tricks to keep your houseplants happy. We have a lovely DIY plants nursery and we try to source, propagate and thus, provide you the opp...ortunity to get the most beautiful and rare plants and expand your own plant family!more
51 24 1 post / quarter

64. Living Room Jungle | Indoor Gardening Blog RSS Feed

Living Room Jungle | Indoor Gardening Blog Brisbane, Queensland, Australia   Follow RSS
Your trusted source of indoor gardening know-how. From beginner to master, we will help you explore indoor gardening and learn how to create a beautif...ul indoor sanctuary.more
1 3 posts / quarter Aug 2020

65. The Plant Utopia RSS Feed

The Plant Utopia US   Follow RSS
Exotic, exciting, and beautiful house plants. Plant enthusiast and aspiring potter.
104 566 1 post / month

66. The Indoor Garden RSS Feed

The Indoor Garden   Follow RSS
While working for over twenty years, in the world of retail and commercial horticulture,I learned hands-ons how to care for houseplants. Now I can each plant's own unique instructions. As I go along in life, I take a picture of a plant I see, and let you in on all the specific secrets I've learned about that indoor plant. ~~ from the Producer and Host of 'The Indoor Garden', a 90's TV seriesmore
163 1 post / week

67. Garden Within Doors RSS Feed

Garden Within Doors UK   Follow RSS
Garden Within Doors is a blog that celebrates the beauty and possibilities of indoor gardening. Founded with a vision to inspire creativity and bring ...nature into homes, the blog provides guidance on cultivating indoor gardens, plant care, and creative plant display ideas. Readers can expect to find practical tips, DIY projects, and plant-related inspiration. Visit the Garden Within Doors blog to explore the world of indoor gardening and discover how to create your own botanical oasis at home.more
99 1 post / quarter Dec 2011

68. Leaf n Joy Guides RSS Feed

Leaf n Joy Guides   Follow RSS
The guide section gives insights and tips about the home plants, DIY nursery and more. Leaf n Joy is a website which gives ideas and inspirations rela...ted to home gardening & plantation, DIY nurseries and much more related to plants.more
51 24 1 post / quarter

69. Mod and Mint Plant Care RSS Feed

Mod and Mint Plant Care Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands   Follow RSS
Deborah Green teaches and writes about Plantcare at Mod and, and runs her vintage shop on Etsy. Check out her Indoor plant blog with all the ...easy-to-follow tips and beginner guides to grow and care for your houseplants.more
1K 2.3K 2.1K 2 posts / month

70. Plant Store Blog RSS Feed

Plant Store Blog Dublin, Ireland   Follow RSS
The Plant Store offers a unique range of indoor and outdoor plants, available online. We also offer a range of employee gardening workshops and offer ...installation, designed to improve team morale, wellness, and productivity!more
771 95 3.2K 1 post / month

71. The Houseplant Guru RSS Feed

The Houseplant Guru Detroit, Michigan, US   Follow RSS
I am Lisa Eldred Steinkopf and am crazy about houseplants. My house is full and I keep adding more. This site is about houseplants and the plants I se...e when I travel, especially at conservatories.more
6.1K 18.3K 82 11 posts / year Apr 2011

72. Plants are the Strangest People RSS Feed

Plants are the Strangest People Iowa, US
plantsarethestrangestpeople...   Follow RSS
PATSP is a long-winded, intermittently humorous blog which is mostly about houseplants, particularly Anthuriums.
Oct 2007

73. Best Indoor Plant Care Tips - The House Plant & Urban Jungle Blog RSS Feed

Best Indoor Plant Care Tips - The House Plant & Urban Jungle Blog London, England, UK   Follow RSS
Everyone can be a houseplant hero! Effortlessly make your houseplants thrive with our care tips for most common house plants. Get your daily dose of p...lant inspiration with our beautiful & creative ideas for your home and urban jungle.more
636 560 1.9K

74. PlantSwap RSS Feed

PlantSwap Sheffield, England, UK   Follow RSS
Sharing plants and all things green as well as the tips and skills to keep them alive. Regular meet ups to swap house plants, garden plants and ideas.
605 1K

75. About Succulents RSS Feed

About Succulents   Follow RSS
On AboutSucculents, our mission is to help you learn everything about your favourite succulent, how to care for it and make it thrive.

76. NatureBring | House plants RSS Feed

NatureBring | House plants India   Follow RSS
A Blog About House Plants.
2.8K 2.6K 1 post / year Jan 2015

77. Indoor Gardening RSS Feed

Indoor Gardening Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada   Follow RSS
New to indoor gardening? Just need a few tips and tricks? Either way, we're here to provide you with all the steps to make your indoor garden flou...rish!more
15K 1.9K 30 posts / year

78. Soltech Solutions RSS Feed

Soltech Solutions Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, US   Follow RSS
Covers articles that focus on different plants, the lighting they require, different soils and environments. We are a small plant light company and we... are passionate about growing plants indoors!more

79. Horti Blog RSS Feed

Horti Blog   Follow RSS
3.5K 65.2K 6 posts / year

80. Prestigious Plantscapes Blog RSS Feed

Prestigious Plantscapes Blog   Follow RSS
2 posts / year

81. House Plus Plant Blog RSS Feed

House Plus Plant Blog   Follow RSS
5.4K 347.7K 15 posts / year

82. The Indoor Nursery Blog RSS Feed

The Indoor Nursery Blog   Follow RSS
Answers to all your houseplant questions
1K 3 posts / year

83. Houseplant Addicts RSS Feed

Houseplant Addicts   Follow RSS
A place to realize our addiction is real & relatable
26.6K 701 4.8K 3 posts / year

84. Wild About Houseplants RSS Feed

Wild About Houseplants   Follow RSS
Welcome to Wild About Houseplants, a website dedicated to all things green and leafy. My name is Ayla, and I am obsessed with bringing the beauty of t...he outdoors inside. I started Wild About Houseplants to share my knowledge and love of plants with people like you. Whether you're looking for advice on how to care for your plants or inspiration for your own indoor jungle, you'll find it all here.more
328 5 posts / year

85. Juanita's Plants Blog RSS Feed

Juanita's Plants Blog   Follow RSS
Juanita's Plants
150 4.3K

86. Bloomscape RSS Feed

Bloomscape   Follow RSS
Plant Life
33K 6.4K 171.5K 9 posts / year

87. MicroVeggy RSS Feed

MicroVeggy   Follow RSS
At MicroVeggy, we're not just your average gardening blog. We're a team of dedicated plant lovers who eat, sleep, and breathe all things green.... We've been in the game for years, honing our skills and spreading our love for indoor gardening like wildfire.more
30 posts / year

88. Leafy Living Spaces RSS Feed

Leafy Living Spaces   Follow RSS
Discover articles on How to take care of your Gardening with ideas like Repottings, Houseplant tips, and much more. Leafy Living Spaces is the perfect... resource to find all the help you need in this matter. Stay informed and aware about all Houseplanting insights with us.more
512 177 10 posts / year

89. Cambridge Bee Blog RSS Feed

Cambridge Bee Blog   Follow RSS
470 29.2K 17 posts / year

90. Ruby Flora Plant Shop Blog RSS Feed

Ruby Flora Plant Shop Blog   Follow RSS
2 posts / year

91. Planterina Blog RSS Feed

Planterina Blog   Follow RSS
618.8K 11 posts / year

92. Plantz Blog RSS Feed

Plantz Blog   Follow RSS
Shop Large, Healthy Plants Online
6K 573 10.7K 10 posts / year

93. My City Plants Blog RSS Feed

My City Plants Blog   Follow RSS
3 posts / year

94. Nick's Garden Center Blog » Houseplants RSS Feed

Nick's Garden Center Blog » Houseplants   Follow RSS
22.9K 1.9K 10.6K 2 posts / year

95. Light's Plant Love Blog RSS Feed

Light's Plant Love Blog   Follow RSS
117 141 3 posts / year

96. Two Peas in a Condo RSS Feed

Two Peas in a Condo   Follow RSS
Covers articles related to hydroponics, indoor gardening tips, houseplant guides, growing vegetables indoors, and general gardening tips to make your ...planting journey successful and fun. Join our journey to sustainable living and making the most of our small space in our little urban garden.more
28 24 posts / year

97. Houseplant House RSS Feed

Houseplant House   Follow RSS
A blog for houseplant enthusiasts created by Dr. Laura Jenkins. Here, you will find a range of posts from houseplant guides, gardening, houseplant bas...ics, plant care tips, repotting plants, plants styling, and photo diary.more

98. House Plant Hobbyist RSS Feed

House Plant Hobbyist US   Follow RSS
House Plant Hobbyist is a blog about sharing knowledge and passion for indoor gardening - complete with care guides, educational posts, plant and gard...en quotes, and lifestyle ideas.more
20.3K 149 7.2K 3 posts / year

99. Ted Lare Design & Build | Houseplants Blog RSS Feed

Ted Lare Design & Build | Houseplants Blog Cumming, Georgia, US
  Follow RSS
Ted Lare is the Des Moines expert in landscape design and installation. With thousands of landscaping projects completed in the past 37 years, our phi...losophy of doing it right carries with it the Ted Lare promise of the best results. If you are looking to upgrade your landscaping in Central Iowa, our designers can help you with any aspect of your home.more
12.5K 115 4.1K

100. The Plant Dads Plant Talk RSS Feed

The Plant Dads Plant Talk South Carolina, US   Follow RSS
Plant Dads is a blog that provides tips, tricks, and care for houseplants, along with plant topics that range from caring for a zz plant or aloe vera ...plant, to occasional plant rants.more
41 3 posts / year

101. Le Botanist | The Greenery Gazette RSS Feed

Le Botanist | The Greenery Gazette Western Australia, Australia   Follow RSS
The greenery gazette blog features articles on botanical news, information and more related to plants that is worth perusing. Le Botanist brings you s...ustainable style & sophistication ideas to your interior and outdoor spaces.more
199 30 posts / year

102. Garner Plant Delivery RSS Feed

Garner Plant Delivery Melbourne, Victoria, Australia   Follow RSS
We are all about everything house plants! There is so much to talk about when it comes to indoor plants and we want to cover all the topics with our w...onderful plant loving community. Our blog covers the best tips, tricks as well as great resources on plant care, styling, finding the right fit for your space and more.more
255 16 818 Sep 2020

103. RSS Feed India   Follow RSS
Offering the best selection of healthy, beautiful plants for your home!

104. Plantboye RSS Feed

Plantboye Melbourne, Victoria, Australia   Follow RSS
A blog dedicated to indoor plant care and creating aesthetically pleasing indoor spaces with plants.

105. Barlow's | Houseplants RSS Feed

Barlow's | Houseplants New Jersey, US   Follow RSS
Find all of your garden and decorating needs at Barlow's Flower Farm in Sea Girt, New Jersey. Annuals, Perennials, Houseplants, Landscaping, Gifts... & More!more
6.7K 12.8K Nov 2017

106. Teak And Terracotta RSS Feed

Teak And Terracotta   Follow RSS
Covering care and propagation of monsteras, philodendrons, anthuriums, rare houseplants, and some much loved common ones too.
30 posts / year

107. Houseplant Heaven RSS Feed

Houseplant Heaven   Follow RSS
Houseplant Heaven is a place for all things green. We provide plant care guides and tips to raising the most heavenly houseplants possible, so you can... enjoy the beauty of nature in your home every day. Authored by Kate Inskeep.more
2 posts / year

108. Healthy Houseplants Blog RSS Feed

Healthy Houseplants Blog California, US   Follow RSS
Indoor Gardening - your number one website for up-to-date information on creating an amazing indoor garden. - Healthy Houseplants
5.7K 560

109. Plants Don't Wine RSS Feed

Plants Don't Wine   Follow RSS
To say I'm a little obsessed with houseplants would be a major understatement. Because I love plants. And so do YOU. And we all have information and... questions. Stories and tidbits. Successes and struggles. more
592 4.7K

110. Houseplant Advisor RSS Feed

Houseplant Advisor   Follow RSS
Houseplant Advisor provides the best indoor plant advice, products recommendations, and plant care guides. Our experts are constantly searching for th...e best houseplants and information to make your home plant growing adventures completely hassle-free.more
995 491

111. Taru Vatika RSS Feed

Taru Vatika New Delhi, Delhi, India
  Follow RSS
This blog is dedicated to houseplant enthusiasts. Our posts cover plants, gardening, houseplants, plants gift ideas, and houseplant care. Taru Vatika,... an online plant nursery, has been put on its feet in the year 2021 to promote the idea of 'Greener and Healthier India' in the coming years.more
20 9 3 6 posts / year

112. Root Bridges RSS Feed

Root Bridges Mumbai, Maharashtra, India   Follow RSS
Covers plant care tips, gardening ideas, DIYs, and nutrition information. Root Bridges likes to give every urban individual a new experience with They grow handpicked potted home plants and are proud of the plants they sell.more
11.6K 432

113. Tropics at Home Blog RSS Feed

Tropics at Home Blog Sweden   Follow RSS
Tropics at Home Blog is dedicated to bringing the beauty and diversity of the tropics into your home. The blog offers tips and advice on growing plants indoors, along with insights into the latest tropical plant trends and innovations. The blog is run by a team of horticulturists and plant enthusiasts with years of experience in growing and caring for tropical plants.more
1.9K 39 932 2 posts / year Jan 2016

114. PlantMaid RSS Feed

PlantMaid   Follow RSS
Latest articles on best ways to keep your indoor plants watered and other gardening tips. Use the PlantMaid to automatically water your indoor plants.
1.1K 1 post / year

115. Greengrow RSS Feed

Greengrow   Follow RSS
Photo stories of plants.
Mar 2017

116. Lily's Indoor Jungle RSS Feed

Lily's Indoor Jungle lilysindoorjungle.blogspot.c..   Follow RSS
I have had a passion for plants since I was little. I would follow my mom and grandma to their trips to the local nursery and would have to be pulled ...away from all of the flowers. This blog contains all the knowledge and know-how I have gained from building my own indoor jungle. Follow this blog to see all of the exciting things to come!more

117. House Plant Journal RSS Feed

House Plant Journal Toronto, Ontario, Canada   Follow RSS
This blog is about the basics of responsible plant parenthood. I want to help you enjoy healthy, thriving plants for the long term (years). A green th...umb isn't about luck but about being observant and knowing how Mother Nature takes care of her house plants all plants.more
1K 625.6K

118. House Plant Club RSS Feed

House Plant Club Oregon, US   Follow RSS
Paige originally got into plants because she missed the lush greenery of Oregon, so she decided to create my own green sanctuary indoors. She started... plant journaling (House Plant Plant Club, Instagram) to help her emotional well being and to overcome some negatives in my life.more

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