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From the smallest duckweed to the tallest redwood, the botanical world is full of amazing »

Plant Delights Nursery is an online plant nursery specializing in unique, exotic and American »

A plant pundit comments on plants, the foibles and fun of academic life, and other things of »

UBC Botanical Garden has excellence in plant research, education and conservation. UBC Botanical »

Toronto Botanical Garden offers an array of 17 gardens in mid-Toronto designed to educate & »

Gardening with spiky desert plants in the Pacific Northwest, and other (almost daily) plant »

Enriching life with tales of plants, travel and history. Here you can gain a deeper enjoyment of »

François Sockhom Mey has been passionately interested in carnivorous plants. He studied their »

A resource for the wild plant enthusiast, the hiker, the urban or trailside forager, those who »

26 year old, natural world and plant enthusiast Italian living in Scotland. He posts mostly about »

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