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A Zero Waste Blog. Follow along with my journey. Living with intention, eating real food, waste »

We are responsible consumers who buy in bulk, avoid disposables, and minimize our overall »

Hi, I am Shia! I am all about simple, effective, and first and foremost doable zero waste hacks

NEED A DUMPSTER is dedicated to managing and disposing of our client's trash in a responsible »

Hi, I'm Candice - a South African living in Chicago. My blog focuses on thrifty re-visions, »

zero waste Netherlands, zero waste, durability, waste, no waste, plastic free, plastic free, life »

Zero Waste Lifestyle is ... buying without packaging. Zero Waste Lifestyle is ... avoiding as »

Hi! Green Indy is a blog about zero waste, minimalism, and generally being less of an a**hole to »

A page linked to my blog, Spot of Earth, where I write about our journey towards a more eco- »

Reduce waste now and find zero waste lifestyle ideas and tips here! Our blog articles give eco »