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Occult RSS Feeds

Here are 45 Best Occult RSS Feeds you should follow in 2024

1. Cat's Rants - Confessions of an Occult Mastermind RSS Feed

Cat's Rants - Confessions of an Occult Mastermind   Follow RSS
Follow to find everything you wanted to know about the occult, Hoodoo, or the NinjaCat, but were afraid to ask.
Twitter Followers 160 Frequency 1 post / week Since Oct 2004 Export RSS feeds list Get access to 250k active RSS feeds of news websites, blogs, magazines and podcasts with email contacts in 1500 niche categories. Get targeted RSS list in your niche at your fingertips. Email us the categories of RSS feeds you're interested in at Copy email. We'll share the list in an Excel spreadsheet or CSV format.

2. OccultSpeak RSS Feed

OccultSpeak   Follow RSS
Occultspeak is devoted to the science of occult studies which is the vast ocean of knowledge. Here you will find articles related to many allied therapies such as Handwriting Analysis, Numerology, Vaastu Shastra, Pranic Healing (Phillipines method of healing), Face Reading,Dream Analysis to name few,which help in uplifting the human life and it's living.
Facebook Followers 246 Frequency 2 posts / month Since Jul 2017

3. Occultist RSS Feed

Occultist   Follow RSS shares information on magic, witchcraft and alternative spirituality. Readers will also find plenty of valuable book reviews and courses which may prove to be helpful for obtaining greater knowledge.
Frequency 1 post / week

4. OccultBlackMetalZine RSS Feed

OccultBlackMetalZine occultblackmetalzine.blogspo..   Follow RSS
Occult Black Metal Zine is an online blog dedicated to black metal written by a practitioner of the black arts. This blog is to promote the best in underground black metal.
Facebook Followers 1.7KInstagram Followers 1K Frequency 4 posts / day Since Jun 2009

5. THAVMA: Christian Occultism and Magic Blog RSS Feed

THAVMA: Christian Occultism and Magic Blog   Follow RSS
THAVMA is dedicated to the serious Christian magician. We seek to raise awareness of Christian participation in the occult community, and to promote those authors, teachers, and groups who work for the community betterment.
Facebook Followers 2.5K Frequency 1 post / week Since Aug 2015

6. Occultissimo RSS Feed

Occultissimo   Follow RSS
Occultissimo is a blog about scientific occultism, tarot cards symbolism, and various esoteric science and Wicca practices. Learn from Elizabeth and her experience.
Instagram Followers 81 Frequency 15 posts / month Since May 2010

7. The Order RSS Feed

The Order   Follow RSS
The Order of Dark Arts is the leading authority on all things related to Demonic Magick and Luciferianism. The Order is an occult store specializing in demonic pendants and occult supplies.
Twitter Followers 8 Frequency 4 posts / month Since Sep 2018

8. Arabic Magic RSS Feed

Arabic Magic   Follow RSS
We offer extremely strong magical rituals, done by our team of specialist of Islamic Occult Sciences. We offer a large collection of authentic and working talismans bound with various jinns. Talismanic rings, djinns talismans, amulets and jinn Summoning.
Frequency 2 posts / week

9. Morino Ravenberg RSS Feed

Morino Ravenberg   Follow RSS
This blog is about Occult articles, Invoking spirits, Summoning spirits and more.
Frequency 5 posts / month Since May 2017

10. The Occult Files of Albert Taylor RSS Feed

The Occult Files of Albert Taylor theoccultfilesofalberttaylor..   Follow RSS
Derek Muk is a writer and social worker from California. His short stories have appeared in various online and small press magazines. Follow this blog to find information on occult files, news, interviews, reviews, readings, short stories and more.
Twitter Followers 216 Frequency 1 post / year Since Oct 2009

11. VAMzzz Occult Blog RSS Feed

VAMzzz Occult Blog   Follow RSS
Free occult blog by specialists of Vamzzz publishing that talks about many occult subjects like magic, witchcraft, voodoo, asteroid astrology, folklore and secret societies. VAMzzz publishing creates new and revised editions of books in the categories Magic & Witchcraft, Secret Rites & Societies, Demonology, Celtic & Mythology and Astrology.
Frequency 2 posts / week

12. Atlas Obscura » Occult RSS Feed

Atlas Obscura » Occult   Follow RSS
Learn more about 'Occult' on Atlas Obscura. Read about the witchcraft, hauntings, occult, and much more. At Atlas Obscura, our mission is to inspire wonder and curiosity about the incredible world we all share. We are a global community of explorers, who have together created a comprehensive database of the world's most wondrous places and foods.
Facebook Followers 1.5MTwitter Followers 445.3KInstagram Followers 474.9K Frequency 1 post / day

13. Women of Grace Blog » Occult RSS Feed

Women of Grace Blog » Occult   Follow RSS
Read our blog to get the latest on new age practices, occult, magick, psychic readings, and more. Women of Grace is a Catholic apostolate which began in 2003. The mission of Women of Grace is to transform the world one woman at a time by affirming women in their dignity and vocation as daughters of God and in their gift of authentic femininity through ongoing spiritual formation.
Facebook Followers 45.9KTwitter Followers 7.5KInstagram Followers 26.2K Frequency 1 post / week

14. » Occult RSS Feed » Occult   Follow RSS
Check out the book reviews and articles on the Occult. is the gathering of friends to create a place whereby we can display and discuss our interests - some shared - such as Tantra, Queer Theory, Gender, History, Occult practice - and some divergent currents - subjects which, at first glance, have nothing to do with each other, but may possibly, yield something surprising and wonderful, when we enfold them.
Frequency 3 posts / quarter

15. The Digital Ambler » Occult RSS Feed

The Digital Ambler » Occult   Follow RSS
The Digital Ambler informs you about divination, occult, astrology, magic, incantations, and whatever else that might be done or studied. The Digital Ambler is a blog on the Internet about things that interest me and that may interest you. I write about my life and practice as a ceremonial magician in the Western Hermetic tradition.
Facebook Followers 1.7KTwitter Followers 5.1K Frequency 1 post / year

16. The Gallery of Magick Blog RSS Feed

The Gallery of Magick Blog   Follow RSS
Here you can find a list of blog posts by The Gallery of Magick. The Gallery of Magick is where you can have adventures in practical magick. You need magick that works, to solve problems and meet your potential. Our mission is to bring you the most practical magick in the world.
Frequency 1 post / month

17. The Blog of Baphomet RSS Feed

The Blog of Baphomet   Follow RSS
What is the Blog of Baphomet? We are magicians who want to create a space to describe our living experience of magick in a way that is informed by many traditions, but strives not to be limited to any one style of occultism. This work will be personal at times, like reading someone's magickal diary, and global - exploring the magickal world view as it touches on fields such as technology, politics and social process.
Facebook Followers 4.5K Frequency 1 post / quarter

18. Nick Farrell's Magical Blog RSS Feed

Nick Farrell's Magical Blog   Follow RSS
Read about Magic and Occult in Nick Farrell's Magical Blog. Nick writes about Experimental Pagan Magic in the Golden Dawn Tradition. He established the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea which is a traditional Golden Dawn based order. He is the Editor of the Hermetic Journal which is a quarterly journal dedicated to ritual magic.
Frequency 1 post / week

19. Talking About Ritual Magick RSS Feed

Talking About Ritual Magick   Follow RSS
This blog is used to discuss various issues and topics pertinent to ritual magick and ritual magicians as proposed by Frater Barrabbas Tiresius - author, witch and ritual magick practitioner.
Frequency 1 post / month

20. The Ignorance Of The Masses Occult RSS Feed

The Ignorance Of The Masses Occult   Follow RSS
Matthew Semernezski is happy to present to you 'The Ignorance Of The Masses',an occult podcast that discusses various topics, including but not limited to syncretism(the amalgamation or attempted amalgamation of different religions, cultures or schools of thought), chaos magic, the occult in literature and pulp culture, astrotheology and various cultural observances.
Frequency 1 post / week

21. The Occult Section RSS Feed

The Occult Section   Follow RSS
Exploring all things paranormal, supernatural and unexplained. Follow this blog for news, views and opinions on the paranormal, supernatural, and cryptozoology Bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts, hauntings, and more.
Facebook Followers 4.8KTwitter Followers 1K Since Apr 2009

22. Cosmic Occult RSS Feed

Cosmic Occult   Follow RSS
Cosmic Occult is focused on studying the planetary alignments and breaking down numerology to help you apply it to your everyday life. I offer free spiritual advice and guidance!. It's time to dive deeper than your sun sign and learn synchronicity through numerology + more.
Facebook Followers 805Twitter Followers 283Instagram Followers 168 Frequency 30 posts / year Since Aug 2017

23. The King Paimon RSS Feed

The King Paimon   Follow RSS
I'm Rena. Welcome to my blog a place for Demonolators and Magicians! By creating this blog my goal is to add more value to your world, a world that you possibly never believe that exist. The purpose of this blog is to show you and guide you to a world that we may not see without means it does not exist. The articles are suitable for beginners but also for advanced students in the Art of Magic. You will find here a collection of articles directed to both beginners and more advanced magick users.
Facebook Followers 2.6K

24. The Magick∴Me Arcane Library RSS Feed

The Magick∴Me Arcane Library   Follow RSS
This is a companion blog to the online occult education, meditation and mysticism. It's full of articles, video and audio content designed to help you learn basic and advanced magick, and get the most out of the Magick.
Facebook Followers 2.6KTwitter Followers 2KInstagram Followers 14.9K Since Jun 2015

25. Technoccult | Mutate Your Mind RSS Feed

Technoccult | Mutate Your Mind   Follow RSS
Technoccult blog is authored by Klint Finley. Here he organizes and share information that he found interesting and exciting. This is a general interest blog for weirdos.
Facebook Followers 1.6KTwitter Followers 4K Since Jan 2000

26. The Occultist in the Corner RSS Feed

The Occultist in the Corner   Follow RSS
A Blog about magical reading experience.
Facebook Followers 404Twitter Followers 2K Since Jan 2010

27. Occult Vibrations RSS Feed

Occult Vibrations occultvibrations.wordpress.c..   Follow RSS
Occult Vibrations is a blog for people interested in the symbolic legacy of tattoo culture.
Facebook Followers 813Instagram Followers 14.4K Since Feb 2011

28. Occult Oracle RSS Feed

Occult Oracle   Follow RSS
This blog offer a range of tarot, pendulum readings and more.
Since Nov 2015

29. Gleamings from the Golden Dawn RSS Feed

Gleamings from the Golden Dawn   Follow RSS
Morgan Drake Eckstein is a novelist and occult writer living in Denver, Colorado. He writes everything from science fiction and urban fantasy to erotica. Follow this blog to find his writings about all things occult, Wicca, Golden Dawn, witchcraft, paganism and more.
Facebook Followers 152Twitter Followers 1.4K Since Jul 2007

30. Occult of Personality RSS Feed

Occult of Personality   Follow RSS
Exploring the realms of the occult and esoteric with authors and experts in the field. This blog is dedicated to providing the most in-depth and insightful podcast dealing with esotericism and mysticism in its various manifestations.
Facebook Followers 11KTwitter Followers 13.3K Frequency 2 posts / year Since Jul 2007

31. My Little Occult Shop RSS Feed

My Little Occult Shop mylittleoccultshop.blogspot...   Follow RSS
This blog is a place where you can find spells of various sorts and place where magic is found and explored. Follow this blog to find articles on collection of topics on magic, the occult sciences and ancient religions.
Facebook Followers 100 Since Apr 2017

32. The Witch's Lair Occult RSS Feed

The Witch's Lair Occult   Follow RSS
An online occult store and blog featuring posts on both Latin American Magick, Santisima Muerte Magick, and the Occult.
Facebook Followers 566Twitter Followers 3 Since Jul 2020

33. Occult-Study News RSS Feed

Occult-Study News   Follow RSS
-Study is the first and foremost blog about general ism. Its purpose is to inform people who are new in the area of ism as well as those already initiated, about the mysteries of this world we live in.
Facebook Followers 10.3K Since Apr 2014

34. Arcaneoccult RSS Feed

Arcaneoccult   Follow RSS
Features blog posts related to Astrology, Demonology, Magic and witchcraft and Mythology.

35. The Occult Museum RSS Feed

The Occult Museum   Follow RSS
The Occult Museum is a blog dedicated to collecting the strange, macabre and the supernatural. Discover wayward spirits, unsolved mysteries, grisly murders, macabre history, folklore and legends of old.
Facebook Followers 44.3KTwitter Followers 2K Since Aug 2015

36. Occult Experiments in the Home RSS Feed

Occult Experiments in the Home   Follow RSS
My name is Duncan Barford and OEITH is my blog, which explores magick, spirituality, and the paranormal, focusing in particular on how these intersect within personal experience, psychology, and spiritual practice.
Twitter Followers 1.1K Frequency 4 posts / year

37. Adventures in Woo Woo RSS Feed

Adventures in Woo Woo   Follow RSS
Adventures in Woo Woo is a place to discuss the ideas and beliefs that are suggested by the various teachings of the Occult and Spirituality or anything that a sceptic would consider Woo Woo. It is also home to Tommie Kelly's art, photography, and comics.
Facebook Followers 23.2KTwitter Followers 2.9KInstagram Followers 4.1K Frequency 1 post / quarter

38. Zero Equals Two » Occult History RSS Feed

Zero Equals Two » Occult History   Follow RSS
Zero Equals Two is a blog on Magick, Culture, and Freedom managed by members of the Ordo Templi Orientis. Learn about occult history prominent figures in history, latest news related to occult history and much more.
Frequency 1 post / quarter

39. Eye of the Sorcerer RSS Feed

Eye of the Sorcerer   Follow RSS
Eye of the Sorcerer is the blog dedicated to the meanderings of a modern Sorcerer. Moloch has been a practitioner of Sorcery since November 17, 1987. He is now an initiated Houngan Asogwe in Haitian Vodu.
Frequency 1 post / year

40. The Occult Living Room RSS Feed

The Occult Living Room   Follow RSS
The coziest blog dedicated to magic, mysticism and the occult. The Occult Living Room is a magickal collective composed of writers and artists from various esoteric backgrounds. The premise is simple: to recreate that feeling of staying up late and chatting about arcane topics with close friends.
Frequency 4 posts / year

41. Molten Sulfur Blog » Occult RSS Feed

Molten Sulfur Blog » Occult   Follow RSS
I publish articles about something cool from real history, occult, or folklore: something interesting to learn about in its own right. My name is Tristan Zimmerman. I'm a U.S. Navy veteran, author of several RPG books, and a big fan of RPG content based on real history.
Facebook Followers 161Twitter Followers 171 Frequency 2 posts / year

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