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Skeptic RSS Feeds

Here are 25 Best Skeptic RSS Feeds you should follow in 2024

1. Skeptic RSS Feed

Skeptic Santa Barbara, California, US   Follow RSS
Skeptic magazine is a leading international publication. The Skeptics Society is devoted to promoting scientific skepticism and resisting the spread o...f pseudoscience, superstition, and irrational beliefs.more
179.1K 221.9K 1 post / week

2. NeuroLogica Blog » Skepticism RSS Feed

NeuroLogica Blog » Skepticism   Follow RSS
Your daily fix of neuroscience, skepticism, and critical thinking. The NeuroLogicaBlog covers news and issues in neuroscience, but also general scienc...e, scientific skepticism, philosophy of science, critical thinking, and the intersection of science with the media and society.more
4 posts / quarter

3. Skepchick RSS Feed

Skepchick Oakland, California, US   Follow RSS
Skepchick was founded by Rebecca Watson in 2005 to discuss science and skepticism from a woman's perspective. Over the years, it's grown to be... a home to dozens of writers who tackle those issues as well as progressive politics, feminism, and social justice.more
21.8K 24.9K 1 post / day

4. Australian Skeptics RSS Feed

Australian Skeptics New South Wales, Australia   Follow RSS
We aim to play a key role in rational and intelligent public discourse on science and medicine, and serve as a hub for skeptical activities in Austral...ia. The Skeptical movement in Australia is a loose confederation of groups and individuals who are interested in and regularly investigate pseudo-scientific and paranormal claims from a responsible scientific viewpoint.more
4.8K 4.7K 1 post / quarter

5. The Skeptic RSS Feed

The Skeptic Liverpool, England, UK   Follow RSS
The Skeptic is the UK's longest-running publication offering skeptical analysis of pseudoscience, conspiracy theory and claims of the paranormal.
3.1K 30.1K 3 posts / week

6. Bad UFOs RSS Feed

Bad UFOs San Diego, California, US   Follow RSS
A skeptical blog about UFO claims, aliens, etc. Reflections on UFOs, skepticism, and practically anything else by Robert Sheaffer, author of the book ...'Bad UFOs,' plus the 'Psychic Vibrations' column in The Skeptical Inquirer.more
2 posts / month

7. Skeptophilia RSS Feed

Skeptophilia Trumansburg, New York, US   Follow RSS
Skeptophilia - the love of logical thought, skepticism, and thinking critically. Being an exploration of the applications of skeptical thinking to the... world at large, with periodic excursions into linguistics, music, politics, cryptozoology, and why people keep seeing the face of Jesus on grilled cheese sandwiches.more
5.3K 1 post / day

8. Skeptical Science RSS Feed

Skeptical Science US   Follow RSS
Skeptical Science is a non-profit science education organization registered as a 501(c)(3) in the U.S., with the goal of raising public understanding ...of climate change. This is achieved through the publication of information and resources for educators, communicators, scientists, and the general public.more
180.8K 23.7K 5 posts / week

9. Skeptical Inquirer RSS Feed

Skeptical Inquirer Amherst, Massachusetts, US   Follow RSS
For a fast-growing number of discriminating persons, the Skeptical Inquirer is a welcome breath of fresh air, separating fact from myth in the flood o...f occultism and pseudoscience on the scene today. This dynamic magazine, published by the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, tells you what the scientific community knows about claims of the paranormal, as opposed to the sensationalism often presented by the press, television, and movies.more
149K 49.3K 10 posts / month

10. Sandwalk RSS Feed

Sandwalk   Follow RSS
Strolling with a skeptical biochemist. Larry Moran is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Toronto.
3 posts / month

11. Skeptic Ink RSS Feed

Skeptic Ink   Follow RSS
Skeptic Ink is an independent outlet for scientific skepticism discourse. We are a diverse cast of writers, academics, philosophers, activists, and pr...ofessionals writing on a broad range of topics but with concentrations in secularism and religion, philosophy, social justice, and social sciences.more
1.7K 820 1 post / week

12. Skeptical Science RSS Feed

Skeptical Science   Follow RSS
You can be at the cutting edge, because this is not a domain restricted to the scientific community. The secret is simple, just be skeptical and critical thinking.more
2 posts / week

13. The Skeptical Zone RSS Feed

The Skeptical Zone   Follow RSS
My name is Elizabeth Liddle, and I started this site to be a place where people could discuss controversial positions about life, the universe and eve...rything with minimal tribal rancour. My motivation for starting the site has been the experience of trying to discuss religion, politics, evolution, the Mind/Brain problem, creationism, ethics, exit polls, probability, intelligent design, and many other topics in venues where positions are strongly held and feelings run high.more
4 posts / month

14. A Skeptic's Path to Enlightenment RSS Feed

A Skeptic's Path to Enlightenment San Rafael, California, US   Follow RSS
Buddhist meditation based on modern science and psychology - for a happy meaningful life
2.2K 188 1.6K 1 post / week Jan 2020

15. The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine RSS Feed

The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine   Follow RSS
The SGEM faculty and guest skeptics try to cut the KT gap from over ten years down to less than one year. It does this by using social media to provid...e you with critical appraisals of the recent literature. The ultimate goal of the SGEM is for patients to get the best care, based on the best evidence.more
3 posts / week

16. She Seeks Nonfiction RSS Feed

She Seeks Nonfiction Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US   Follow RSS
Welcome to my blog! I'm Rebekah, a lifelong student, curious atheist, and creative introvert. I love to read and write about social justice,, religion, science (especially human evolution), and the ever-inspiring words of Carl Sagan. Join me as I use skepticism and critical thinking to seek out that which is nonfiction while exposing fiction and pseudoscience for what they are.more
1.9K 2 posts / month

17. The Ethical Skeptic RSS Feed

The Ethical Skeptic US   Follow RSS
Ethical skepticism is a pro-science paradigm shift challenging pseudo-skepticism, its agency and cultivated ignorance.
214.9K 1 post / week

18. The Daily Sceptic RSS Feed

The Daily Sceptic   Follow RSS
Daily Sceptic includes sceptical articles by disaffected journalists and academics - including citizen journalists and independent scholars - about a ...range of public policies that are supposedly based on science or data or evidence, where 'the Science' is being invoked as a source of unassailable authority, but which often appear to be rooted in a covert political agenda.more
3.2K 28.9K 8 posts / day

19. Skeptical Faith Blog RSS Feed

Skeptical Faith Blog Johnston, Iowa, US   Follow RSS
A discussion of faith, belief and religion for people who have given up on God and/or religion. The blog, published every Thursday, is meant to show t...hat faith and skepticism are not mutually exclusive.more
1 post / week

20. Good Thinking Society RSS Feed

Good Thinking Society England, UK   Follow RSS
Encouraging curious minds and promoting rational enquiry. Our goal is 'to encourage curiosity and promote rational thinking', hence the positive title... of the organisation. At the same time, this inevitably means battling against irrationality and pseudoscience. We are pro-science and pro-evidence, which means we are anti-woo and anti-quack. In short, we like skepticism, but not cynicism. We like nerds and geeks, but we hate bogus things without a jot of evidence.more
3.5K 7.7K

21. Unreasonable Faith RSS Feed

Unreasonable Faith   Follow RSS
I'm Joseph. I was an evangelical Christian for over a decade, completely convinced that God was real and Jesus was alive today. I was wrong. I no ...longer believe in a personal God or that Jesus was born of a virgin, worked miracles, and rose from the dead. I don't believe in heaven or hell, angels or demons, holy books or prophecy. I don't believe the earth was created 6,000 years ago, or that God intelligently designed every species. I now consider myself an atheist and a skeptic. Follow my reasonable blog on atheism, religion, science, and skepticism.more

22. Scepticemia Blog RSS Feed

Scepticemia Blog Baltimore, Maryland, US   Follow RSS
Musings of a Skeptic Oslerphile. I am Pranab - a recently graduated physician, who believes that the first step to knowledge begins with the cultivati...on of skepticism. In this blog, I talk about my brush with affairs that leave me skeptic. Or asking for more.more
874 3.1K 2 posts / year

23. Token Skeptic RSS Feed

Token Skeptic Australia   Follow RSS
Tune into the Token Skeptic for a slightly more skeptical look at stories in the news, urban legends, good science, pseudoscience, and what makes popu...lar culture pop.more
1.5K 973

24. Skeptic in Qatar RSS Feed

Skeptic in Qatar Doha, Ad Dawhah, Qatar   Follow RSS
I'm Glen McKay. In 2006 I moved to Qatar and things are not what many people in North America would expect - it is not like how the Middle East is... portrayed in the media. I'm also a fan of skepticism and science so wondered how this works here in Qatar.more

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